Kid-Friendly Pool Designs

Those of us that have kids know how great pools are for family time. Having a backyard pool makes for memorable experiences for everyone especially our little ones who can spend all summer splashing around. When it comes to building a pool that’s ready for your kids, there are extra considerations to take into account. You want to create a space that is safe and fun for them and we’re here to offer some suggestions for a kid-friendly pool.

Slides and Diving Boards

Slides and diving boards can add an extra level of fun to time in the pool. Kids are naturally attracted to these pool add-ons and they usually end up being a good time for adults as well. Be sure to account for the extra space that will be needed for those waiting to get on the slide and extra depth for those that are jumping off the diving board.

Pool Toy Storage

With kids and pools, you just know that there will be plenty of pools toys to account for. From kicking boards to water guns to inflatables, having a good place to store everything after they’re done being played with is key.

Sports Pools

If you’re looking for other add-ons that make use of the shallow end, consider adding a basketball hoop or a volleyball net. These simple additions are easy ways to engage the entire family and any friends that visit. Pool games are a popular way to pass the time and make for exciting pool sessions.

Shallow Ends and Steps

Most pools will have a shallow end, but some don’t and that’s something to think about with kids. If they are younger or just learning to swim, the shallow end is the ideal place in the pool to keep them safe. It is also a great place for multiple children to play in at once. In addition, steps are great to incorporate for those that are younger. This feature is a great way for children to ease themselves into the water at their own pace and also makes for a great resting spot once they get tired of swimming.

Water Features

There are plenty of water features that look great and take aquatic entertainment to the next level. Consider incorporating waterfalls, splash pads, sun decks, or jets into your pool design. These can be created in a way that keeps your pool looking aesthetically pleasing while also giving your kids the option to run around and have fun.

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