Landscaping Ideas for Around Your Pool

There are about 10.4 million pools in the US. Every year, millions of people gather in backyards across the nation to enjoy a relaxing swim in refreshingly cool water. Are you thinking about joining them in this tranquil pastime? What kind of landscaping can you build around your pool to complement it? Let’s take a look at some fabulous pool landscaping ideas to get your creative juices flowing!

1. Terraced Landscaping

Wondering what to do with all the dirt that you excavate out to dig your pool? Pile it up alongside the pool and set up a retaining wall to create an elevated garden space. You can do two or three layers (or more) to add dimension to your landscaping. Consider planting different types of plants in each layer to create a patchwork look to the terraces.

2. Raised Patio

Is there anything that goes with swimming in a backyard pool as well as having a backyard barbecue? Why not place a patio with a grill and a comfortable place to sit and eat right beside the pool? Use all-weather furniture that people can sit on in their swimsuits without the worry about getting it all wet. Put up a sunshade or umbrella over the table so people have a cool place to enjoy their food.

If you plan on spending a lot of time out here or host many parties, consider building a whole outdoor kitchen to make it easier to serve your guests.

3. Waterfall

A pool is nice, but the sound of running water for stress relief just can’t be beaten. The pool makes the perfect spot for a waterfall to run down into without having to set up a whole other system. Simply build up a rocky scape at one end of the pool and allow the water to cascade down into it.

4. Arbor for Shade

Many people love lounging out by the pool so they can work on their tan. However, some days it can get really hot under the Atlanta sun. To provide a bit of shade, it can be nice to add an arbor to your pool landscaping. If you want to only partially block the sun, consider using lattices instead of solid pieces for the roof. To soften the effect and keep it feeling more like a garden, plant climbing plants like bougainvillea or morning glory and encouraging them to grow up and across the top of the arbor.

Building a Backyard Oasis with Superior Pool Landscaping in Atlanta

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