Luxury Swimming Pool Trends Coming in 201

A luxury swimming pool is more than a place to take a dip. It’s a stylish home feature, a place to entertain guests and relax on your time off. Your pool should give you all the comfort and elegance of a hotel spa.

Whether you’re interested in building a new swimming pool or would like to remodel yours to suit the latest style trends, find a contractor that specializes in custom pools in Atlanta. Then, take note of the following trends. Here are the features and design elements you’ll see plenty of in 2019.

Dark Finish

Dark interior pool finish gives pools a uniquely stylish edge, a taste of the unexpected. While white and light blue have long been the favorite interior finish colors in previous years of pool design, dark finish gives the water a deep, natural vibe like that of an ocean or lake.

Sun Shelves

These features have been popping up in commercial pools around the world in recent years, but now it’s time to take this innovative feature home. These custom design features consist of a wide ledge that’s just about a foot deep to accommodate shallow sunbathing or even upright seating. A custom pool builder can even install a sun shelf rim around your pool to form a submerged pool deck for entertaining and relaxation.

Swim-Up Bars

Another commercial feature that is making its way into home pool installation and will likely be popular in 2019, the swim-up bar is a fun place to entertain. Install a lower-level outdoor kitchen directly next to your pool with sides that are part countertop, part pool ledge. Build concrete seats in the pool so guests can sit at the bar while you serve food and drinks.

Fire Pits

A fire pit is as charming as a wooden campfire, offering light, warmth, and relaxing sounds that make the great outdoors a perfect place to bond with family and friends. But did you know that you can install fire pits directly next to your pool? A raised fire pit can run along one edge of your pool to light up nighttime swimming and create an amazing Feng Shui balance of fire and water elements. Hang out by the fire for warmth while you swim or curl up next to it on the deck side for stargazing and more.

Single-Depth Pools

An exercise in simplicity, installing a single-depth pool in a long, rectangular shape gives you the perfect pool for lap swimming and water sports. Single-depth pools look minimal and simplistic, and pair well with modern architecture. The lack of variety underwater will register at ground level, giving it a sleek appearance.

While there are many ways to build custom pools in Atlanta, these are some of the most stylish pool elements and design schemes you’ll see in 2019. Find a pool contractor near you to design the most innovative and fashionable pool in town.

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