Make a Splash without Drowning in Debt

If you are considering installing a swimming pool in Atlanta, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to do so. Swimming pools do more than just add land value to your household, but also provide fun and entertainment for your family. There are many swimming pool companies in Atlanta that offer pool installations at an affordable cost. What makes pool prices expensive often has nothing to do with the cost of the swimming pool itself, but rather the additional features that are added when the pool is installed.

Heating Pipes

One of the most common add-on features that pool owners purchase is a heater. While this might sound like a good investment, it is recommended to wait before adding a heater. Some homeowners will often substitute heat pumps with a chiller option, which helps you manually regulate the water temperature of your pool. The big drawback, especially with heating pumps, is that they can be very expensive to install and can drive up annual maintenance costs. If you are going to install a heater or heat pumps, it is best to determine if you and your family absolutely need them. It does not pay off to install heat pumps in advance only to learn you never use them.


Patios are often the most expensive add-ons to any pool. When you are considering a patio, it is a good idea to start small and then add more later. This can benefit you as a homeowner in two different ways. One, buying a small patio helps to lower the swimming pool installation costs. Two, building smaller patios and expanding later gives you more flexibility in the final design. Most of you probably have your dream patio design in your mind, but as time passes, those designs can change due to family and financial situations. Building a little at a time allows you to make necessary changes to your patio in the future without straining your budget.

Size Doesn’t Matter

There are far too many homeowners who feel that the best pools are large pools. Large pools might offer lots of space for swimming, but they are also more expensive in terms of both installation and maintenance costs. No homeowner owns a pool that takes up their entire yard. If a pool is too big, it can limit the size of your patio and any future plans to expand it. It is best to get the pool that is ideal for your family’s needs and stays within your budget. Even a small pool can give your family just as much enjoyment as a large pool.

Slides and Water Features

Slides and water features not only bring additional fun and entertainment for the family, but they also provide extra pizzazz to your pool. Like with heaters and heat pumps, homeowners on a budget are advised to install such features later. However, if a homeowner is considering adding slides and water features in the future, it is a good idea to have additional water pipes installed during swimming pool construction and not afterward. Waiting to install these pipes after installation can be very expensive.

When to Install a Security Cover

Security covers are good way to keep swimming pool maintenance down during seasons when they are not being used. Local swimming pool shops offer covers that you can install manually yourself, but they often are one size fits all and lack a secure binding. Most pool contractors offer to install security covers that properly fit your swimming pool that will stay in place. Security covers often cost a set price to install. The best way to save money is to not install them right away, especially at the start of summer. Waiting until the end of summer or the beginning of fall can help you delay the expense.

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