Underground PoolAfter WW2, the only type of swimming pool you could find was a plain rectangular one. However, we’ve come a long way. With a rise in modern pool design, everyone is shifting away from tedious and redundant designs to organic and creative shapes that add to a house’s beauty.

Do you want a beautiful place to relax that compliments your home’s architecture too? Because if so, you don’t need to look any further. I’m going to give you over five fabulous pool layouts. You can then either replicate or take inspiration from them.

Whichever one you choose, make sure to get a professional to realize your plan.


If you live near the beach, make sure you can see it from your pool. You’ll always have the best view from the comfort of your own home. It also means you can move a party to the water body quickly.


Lighting is everything. Adding a few to a pool will change the entire mood of the area. So if you’re looking for a modern and refreshing look, tell your swimming pool contractor to integrate some into the design.


Picture a swimming pool near a grassy landscape in your mind. Throw in some minimalistic pavement, a bonfire, and a waterfall. Doesn’t it sound picturesque? When building a swimming pool in the outdoors, far away from a building, nature is always the best design element. Maintain the aura of the scenic beauty around you, and you’ll get the best pool in the city.


Get your swimming pool contractor to hire a gardener and purchase plants. Well-placed hedges and flowers will do wonders for you. It builds an environment of peace, collectivity, and harmony with a depth you won’t find with many other ideas on this list. However, using flowers in a modern pool design is always tricky. There is a fine line between aesthetic and tacky, and you never want to cross it. Just don’t go overboard, and you’ll have a great pool.


This idea might be similar to the last one in terms of its use of flora; however, it’s bolder. Instead of placing a few flowers here and there as a subtle design element, a Garden pool includes it in the architecture. When building the pool, create space for the plants. For example, you can place your pool next to a wall and create a rocky structure. This can later be filled with daisies or lilies.


Make your pool on your patio or on a balcony. Don’t add railings; instead, using a 3-sided design give it the look of an infinity pool. It will turn heads, give you a great spot for pictures, and is a special modern pool design.

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