Most Popular Pool Features

The first thing that every pool should have is an automatic pool cover. As a safety feature, it’s a must for people who have children and pets. However, a pool cover can protect your pool from becoming dirty. If it’s automatic, you don’t have to worry about the work of pulling it and covering your pool; just press a button.

More people are putting fire pits in their backyards. These can help make a cool night warmer and extend your swimming season. They also set the tone for get-togethers and can double as barbecue pits, depending on their style.

Waterfalls have always been popular. The white noise is comforting, and the ever-changing flow and fall of water is visually relaxing. When combined with the right type of LED lights, a waterfall can become a central feature in providing visual stimulation.

Vanishing edges on a pool help distract people from the pool itself and drag the eye out to the home’s view. These types of edges are perfect for those who live in a place that has a fantastic view. They can also be built to give the pool addition visual depth.

Many people like to sit out by the pool as much as they like to be in it. A princess deck or a tanning ledge provide people with an opportunity to be near the pool while getting a healthy-looking color to their skin and soaking up the vitamin D.

For those who dislike cleaning the pool, a robotic pool cleaner might be the best answer. Let it run on its own and it’ll do some of the cleaning chores for you.

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