Most Popular Swimming Pool Design Trends in 2018

The home swimming pool is a luxury that has evolved over time in style, function, and purpose. Pool builders are paying attention to emerging trends in design and construction, and the results are bigger, more colorful, and attention-getting.

The infinity pool remains a dominant trend in luxury pool construction. The in-ground design that extends to a boundary without edges blurs the lines between where the rim of placid water ends and well-planned, ornamental landscaping begins. Infinity pools are popular, but there are other design possibilities worth watching.

Homeowners contacting swimming pool builders in Atlanta will become familiar with the popular design trends of 2018. These are a few worth looking for.

Splashes of Color

Swimming pool builders are trying out palettes of relaxing colors that add to the pool’s value as a residential oasis. The tried-and-true sea blue interior is yielding to azures, cobalt blues and dark green tints that can evoke in your pool’s surroundings with a lagoon-like atmosphere.

Pool designers are trying different artistic applications. Builders are applying textures like pebbles to the tiling mosaic as a form of stylish expression. Polished glass is also being used to transform the pool interiors into functional works of art.

Water Workouts

The swimming pool is a great place for a home workout. Pool builders are taking notice by designing pools equipped with water jets, turning the entire pool into a hydrotherapy spa. Families can enjoy the health benefits of exercise from swimming and the relaxation of water therapy in the same place. This hydro-therapeutic approach can be particularly advantageous for people with limited mobility.

Lit Up

A day in the pool no longer has to end when the sun goes down. The LED lighting that appears on your patio, walkway, and deck is now finding its way into the pool itself.

LED lights are primarily energy efficient, consuming less energy and lasting far longer than incandescent bulbs. Designers and builders are installing LED lights within pools to create a glow that keeps the party going. Different colored LED bulbs can add to the aquatic light show.

Smart Pools

Pools are getting smarter. The trend toward integrating home technology with the residential pool’s operating systems is growing as pool designers recognize the potential. Homeowners can activate their pool’s controls with a smartphone or other mobile device. As technology advances, look for more pool owners to take advantage of this option.

Swimming pool contractors and builders are watching for the latest design trends. Pool builders and designers have creative lighting, artistic touches, hydrotherapy, and advances in wireless technology to work with. Property owners will look for a level of creative collaboration with swimming pool builders in Atlanta before construction begins. The end result of the collaboration is a backyard pool design that is eye catching, functional and enhances the value of your home.

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