“Must Haves” in Today’s Swimming Pool

Swimming pools are changing. Are you building or upgrading your private pool? Are you building a pool for a hotel, an apartment complex, a gym, or a senior living facility? Custom pool builders in Atlanta can add as many “must haves” as you need or that your budget allows.


You may want a small rectangular or round pool for your home. If the pool is for a hotel or a resort or is a large private pool, the sky is the limit. Draw out your plans and let your imagination run wild. Choose a design and let a pool builder work magic.

Pool Features

What can you add to your pool to make the pool both relaxing and fun?

  • Hot tub: Choose the number and strengths of jets in the hot tub.
  • Waterfall: Water falling over a stone wall gives you the feeling of being in a river.
  • Grottos: These cave-like structures over a spa can be as complex as you like.
  • Slides: Make the slide as high as you want, and have it twist and turn before entering the water.


Have a rock wall around your pool or place stone pavers poolside. Decide what theme you want to create with your landscaping. You may want a tranquil theme for your private pool. A fence is a necessity for safety, but it doesn’t have to be a chain-link fence. You can use bars, panels, or glass for a nice aesthetic. For your resort, you can create a fun environment that stands out from your competition.

What are the “must-haves” if you want your pool area to be the place where you entertain guests or throw parties for your children or your friends? You may want a separate spa or hot tub. Make preparing for parties and other outdoor events easier with an outdoor kitchen. Prepare an area for grilling barbeque or burgers.

Add a fireplace or fire pit for use when swimming or hanging out poolside at night. LED lighting is a great safety measure, and it can be used to highlight parts of your landscaping.


A variable speed pump is a “must have” for your pool. The pump lets you control the flow rate for a water feature, such as a waterfall. The pump sets the power of your spa jets. Set the jets low for a relaxing sensation or turn them on high to relieve your aching muscles.

Use the pump to filter and clean your pool. When the pump is on a low speed, the pool filtration is more efficient. The pump skims your pool 24 hours a day, so your pool is always ready for use.

Similar to your security system, technology allows you to control pool features from your desktop computer or your iPhone or iPad. Program when your lights come on and go off or when your waterfall is activated.

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