Off-Season Pool Care Tips

You’ve worked with a custom pool builder in Atlanta and enjoyed relaxing by the water all season long. But, when it comes to owning a pool, your responsibilities don’t end with summer. Even after the swimming season ends, there are still a few crucial maintenance tasks that you will need to complete to keep your pool in top shape. Caring for your swimming pool during the off-season will guarantee a clean and successful opening next season. Read on below to learn a few tips to use to care for your swimming pool.

Use an Algaecide

On the last day that your pool is in operation, add an algaecide or algaestat to the water. Allow the pump to run for 24 hours so that the chemicals circulate before shutting down the circulation system for the season. Try to choose a product that is long-lasting and will stay in the water for a long time. This will prevent and minimize algae growth and make start-up in the spring so much easier.

Prevent Freezing

With winter comes low temperatures, which can cause the water in your pool to freeze. Pay special attention to the pipes and motorized parts that are especially susceptible to freezing. Frozen pipes can crack and result in costly damage. Begin by draining the water from the filter, pump, and pool heater. You should also remove water from the pool, so the top is four to six inches below the pool skimmer. Throughout the season, you should also remove any water that has accumulated on top of the pool cover.

Utilize a Pool Cover

During the off-season, keep your pool covered. For it to be the most effective, find a pool cover that fits correctly. This will help to prevent any dirt, debris, and little critters from getting in the pool. Throughout the off-season, check the cover periodically to ensure it is still secured tightly. If a cable loosened, the cover may start to slip into the pool. You should also inspect the air pillow to make sure it still has enough air in it.

Add Chlorine

In the fall, add chlorine to the pool when you add the algaecide. Just be sure not to add too much; otherwise, you could end up bleaching the liner. When the water starts to thaw in the spring, open the cover and add some liquid chlorine to the water. You can do this on your own or hire professionals to take care of it.

Be Aware of the Weather

If autumn has been warm, you should check the pool to see if you need to add more chlorine and algaecide before the winter begins. Heavy rains can dilute your pool chemicals. If you live in a rainy area and use a mesh cover, you may also need to replenish your chemicals.

Use Enzyme Chemicals

This maintenance task will help to break down any non-living organic compound that may be in your swimming pool. This sort of contamination is inevitable over the winter. Enzyme chemicals will break down bird droppings, pollen, and contaminants left over by previous swimmers. This can also help to prevent a waterline ring from forming on your pool.

Protect the Water and Open Early

To prevent microorganism growth, add a winterizing product with biocidal properties to the pool water. If you work to maintain the correct pH balance, your pool will be easier to manage all year long. And, when the spring finally comes, open up your pool before it gets too warm. If you wait until later in the spring to open, you may experience more algae growth.

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