Pool Construction: Product Warranties and Guarantees

A modern-day swimming pool is no longer just an oval or rectangular-shaped hole in the ground, constructed of concrete. A long, complicated list of maintenance duties is no longer a part of pool ownership, either. Today’s most sought-after pools are custom-made, with highly-skilled workmanship, top-quality equipment, and computer-run automated maintenance.

With any construction project, there are those who specialize in a more innovative, creative approach. Whether it’s a small, simple but elegant pool or a complete backyard living space—complete with an outdoor kitchen, a grotto and an elaborate nature-inspired swimming area—it’s important to find a swimming pool contractor who specializes in gunite pools in Fayetteville and the Atlanta metro area.

However, it’s not just the visual appeal and recreational aspects of a swimming pool that bring years-long satisfaction and enjoyment. Pools are investments, and homeowners deserve peace of mind knowing a pool contractor used quality materials and top-notch equipment with a reliable warranty.

Here are some important areas to take into consideration when planning your pool with the contractor:

Product Warranties

Like any other product on the market, there are high-quality pool equipment options and mediocre or even shoddy ones. With swimming pools, the equipment is crucial to keeping your water a beautiful, sparkling blue, clear of debris, dirt or dust. Ask the contractor what brand of equipment will be used to keep the water healthy, and what warranties are offered on those products.

For example, Pentair is a well-respected manufacturer of pool equipment and a brand Hilltop Pools and Spas trusts in our pool construction projects. Pentair not only offers 3-year warranties on variable speed pumps, the company also offers an extended 3-year warranty on Pentair equipment bundles—a pump and filter with an add-on of one or more other products such as a heater, automatic cleaner, or lighting.

With warranties like those offered by Pentair, the customer or homeowner must register the product or bundle with Pentair, and provide a copy of the sales receipt and proof of professional installation by a qualified installer within 60 days of the installation for the warranty to take effect.

Contractor Warranties

When hiring pool contractors, ask to see examples of their work. The internet is a great place to research a contractor’s reputation. Check websites such as Kudzu to find reviews written by former customers. Reputable swimming pool contractors will offer a guarantee of their work in writing and are a well-established business in the community.

Personalized Attention

There’s nothing worse than spending hard-earned dollars on your home improvement, only to be ignored by the contractor after the contract is signed. Ask the contractor if there will be a project manager overseeing the project and ensuring that your property is respected during the process. Remember, you are not the expert on that gunite pool being constructed in your backyard, but your contractor and his employees should be, and they should respect your input. Report or question any phase of the construction that was not a part of the signed agreement.


Many homeowners finance their swimming pool construction through a home equity line, a second mortgage, or an unsecured loan. Check with your contractor to inquire about financing options.

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