Pool Customizations to Transform Your Pool

The design options are practically endless when it comes to creating a unique pool that fits your vision. Many people are looking for pool customizations that will take their backyard to the next level. While rectangular pools with no add-ons serve their purpose, plenty of pool owners and future pool owners are exploring the creative side of pool design and finding that they can completely transform the look with a few additions.

Water Features

Adding any kind of water feature will elevate the overall look of your pool. From fountains to waterfalls to jet streams, including a built-on water feature can serve both an aesthetic and functional purpose. It not only looks great; the sound of trickling water can also create a relaxing atmosphere for you to enjoy the second you step foot in your backyard.

Varied Elevations

Playing with elevation is a fun way to add customizations that fit everyone’s needs. You can include a variety of steps for those who are just learning how to swim, several deck levels and benches that allow you to overlook the pool and landscape, and even tanning ledges that are partly submerged in the water. This customization creates dimension to your space and also makes your pool feel larger than it is by creating distinct areas for people to enjoy.


Whether you’re lighting up the landscape or the pool itself, picking out the ideal lighting can really brighten the area at night and create a fun or relaxing atmosphere to enjoy. Colorful lights can liven up the evening and be fun for kids and adults to enjoy. Soft and warm lighting can transform your backyard into a magical space that is calming and romantic for nights where you just need to relax.


The right selection of plants, shrubs, and other greenery surrounding your pool can have a large impact on the overall look and feel of your space. Create a backyard oasis that reminds you of your favorite beach escape or install some perfectly arranged shrubs that create a private environment to enjoy your space.

Fire Features

Fire and water can mix when it comes to pool design, and it can take your backyard to a new level. You can build a fire pit right by the edge of your pool so those relaxing on shore can intermingle with those in the water. It also gives people a great place to warm up later on in the evening while still being able to enjoy being outside. Fire bowls are also a popular option that create a stunning look to the pool and are a great contrast to the water.

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