Pool Remodel Ideas-How to Make the Most of Your Pool!

This summer, there’s no better place to beat the heat than in your family pool. But if your pool needs a facelift, it could put a damper on your swim time. By remodeling your pool, you take its design to the next level and create an even better experience for your friends and family.

Here are 5 ideas to take your remodeled pool over the top.

  • Add landscaping. If your pool is a cement jungle, it’s time to turn it into an oasis. When planning your remodel, make sure you add some landscaping. Decide what kind of feel you want your pool area to have. If you want a more rustic feel, consider adding rocks and pine trees. When opting for a more tropical theme, palm trees, birds of paradise, and ferns are great things to plant. Trees not only offer shade, but they give your pool a more secluded and private feel. Add some color with different flowers. With new flora surrounding it, your pool may all of a sudden feel more relaxing.
  • Create new water features. If your pool lacks imagination, change it with your latest remodel. Installing water features such as grottos, waterfalls, fountains, and rain walls adds a new element to your pool. Once again, the best way to decide which features should be added is by deciding on an overall tone for your pool. A rustic pool might have a rocky grotto while a modern pool will look better with clean lines and water walls.
  • Add redesigned features. Your pool should have everything you need to have a good time. When designing your remodel, add tanning ledges, a wet bar, or in-water tables and chairs. If you love to hold diving contests, build a rock wall with a diving pedestal at the top. Talk to your family and get a feel for what they expect out of your pool design and go from there. After all, there’s no reason that your pool can’t be beautiful and fun at the same time.
  • Turn the sound up. No pool party would be complete without music. If your current pool is lacking an entertainment system, it’s time to make a change. Building speakers into the rocks and architecture around the pool allows you to play your favorite tunes and enjoy the music no matter where you are. To really kick things up a notch, take things underwater. Underwater speakers are a fun way to add life to the party and get your guests moving.
  • Light it up. Technology has come a long way from the overused fluorescent lighting. Swap out those old bulbs for multi-colored LEDs. These can change colors depending on your mood and can even be programed to flash on beat with your music. No matter what you choose, replacing the lighting in your pool is an easy way to make it more energy efficient all while making it more fun.

When it comes to creating your new swimming pool design, make sure that you take into consideration the needs of your family. Then, consult with Hilltop Pools and Spa’s swimming pool contractors to remodel your pool area. In no time at all, your pool will be redone and better than ever!

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