Popular Pool Design Ideas

Beautiful swimming pools add considerable value to a property and provide a tranquil environment to unwind. If you’re looking for great pool design ideas to transform your area into an attractive water wonderland, the possibilities are endless.

Here are seven popular pool designs for inspiration from Hilltop Pools:

#1 Rectangular Pool

Rectangular swimming pools are great for exercise sessions such as swimming laps; they work well in a larger space. A long, linear pool is also ideal for a backyard pool, and it always looks inviting. The shape also allows a wide range of pool cover options.

#2 Swimming Pools With a View

You should always try to design your pool to capitalize on the view. For example, consider steps on each side leading to a raised lounge area. It would give you and your guests a chance to enjoy the spectacular views surrounding your pool while cooling off with poolside beverages.

#3 Novelty Pools

Novelty swimming pools are in the shape of various objects, like maps of states or countries. A custom design is interesting and fun, but it can also be inspiring. Why not design a shape that you strongly identify with or feel good seeing every day, like an animal, a musical instrument, or a favorite location.

#4 Recessed Lounge Areas

Not everyone wants to get wet at a pool party, and a recessed lounge is an excellent solution. All your guests can have a great time at the next event, even those who want to stay dry. A recessed seating area gives access to the pool fun without the inconvenience of having to change clothes halfway through the entertainment.

#5 Dipping Pools

If you had heard that installing a swimming pool in a small or narrow backyard wasn’t possible, it isn’t true. A long and narrow backyard lends itself beautifully to a narrow dipping pool. You might even want to add lighting or a waterfall feature to make the effect more interesting.

#6 Stunning Pool Pathways

Another exciting idea is to design a passage leading to the pool. It draws the eye toward the swimming pool while providing a straightforward way for people to get there. The pathway can easily be an extension of your garden or home themes with colors and landscaping features to match.

#7 In-ground Pool Lighting

Lights have numerous benefits for in-ground pools, including improving safety around the pool by preventing accidental falls into the pool at night. If you love to host pool parties, lighting is essential for both the aesthetics and the safety aspects. It also adds a touch of sophistication to the area, gently illuminating swimming pools that glimmer in the moonlight or enhance the views beyond.

If you want to incorporate any of these designs or have other ideas for your upcoming pool project, Hilltop Pools professionals are ready to help. Call us at 770-471-3889 for a free quote or visit our website. We are a premier swimming pool contractor and pool supply team, including pool liners, accent tiles, and accessories.

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