Preparing Your Pool for Fall

Fall is a great relief from summertime, offering cool breezes, cloudier skies, and comfortable temperatures that make you want to get outdoors. But before you hop in your swimming pool, make sure that your water is prepared for autumn. This season can be tricky for your pool, as it offers some unique challenges and potential complications for this delicate system.

Swimming pool contractors specializing in pool design, construction, and maintenance recommend these tips to get your swimming pool ready for the fall.

Balance the Water

A few days before you close your pool for the season, make sure you pH balance your pool’s water. Get it to a healthy 7.2-7.6 range. Also adjust the alkalinity to 80-120 ppm. Finally, the calcium hardness of the water should be at 180-220 ppm.

You should have the necessary chemicals to maintain healthy pH, alkalinity, and calcium hardness. If not, ask your local swimming pool contractor for recommendations. There should be a specific method for treating your pool based on its dimensions and water volume. For example, chlorine or non-chlorine shock treatments are adjusted based on your exact pool. Try to obtain this information as soon as possible so that you can treat your pool. Shocking and balancing the water conditions is essential for maintaining a healthy pool after it’s closed for the season.

Reduce Water Intensity

Use a filter pump or submersible pump to reduce the water intensity in your pool. Seasonal changes in the fall require that you keep your pool water level at about one foot to one-and-a-half feet below the skimmer or mesh cover in your pool.


Winterizing your pool means draining equipment in the fall so that winter ice doesn’t damage your swimming pool. Make sure that you drain the filtering, heating, pumping and chlorinating equipment of your swimming pool, or ask for professional assistance in doing so. The plumbing equipment in these systems can expand and crack when residual moisture inside of them freezes. You should winterize long before the first frost to ensure your pool is ready for these cold conditions.

Practice Maintenance

What if you’re not ready to winterize your pool and close it for the season? If you’re having an unusually warm and sunny fall, or just want to enjoy your pool for a bit longer, just remember that you’ll need to adjust your maintenance practices.

First of all, you’ll need to skim your pool more often. Get rid of leaves, twigs, and other organic matter as soon as possible. Leaves and other debris that falls in the autumn can collect and rot in your pool.

Ask for Assistance

If you have more questions about pool care, including when you should close your pool and keep it protected, contact professional swimming pool builders in Atlanta, like Hilltop Pools and Spas. We offer all kinds of pool services, including the development of attractive swimming pool designs and high-quality installation. We also offer pool repair and maintenance, so we can help you get your swimming pool ready for fall. Leave it to us, and your swimming pool will still be in fantastic shape by the time spring rolls around.

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