Questions to Ask Before Building a Custom Pool

A custom pool in your backyard sounds like a dream, and for most Americans, it is. But if you think you’re ready to build a beautiful custom pool, there are a few things to figure out. Thankfully, these are the only steps between you and making your dream custom swimming pool a reality. Contractors who specialize in building swimming pools in Atlanta recommend that you ask yourself these questions first.

What Is Your Dream Pool?

What do you picture when you envision a custom pool in your backyard? About how big is it? What shape is it? Are you interested in a certain theme or vibe, like a hotel spa pool or a tropical escape? Do you want a pool for entertaining friends or for doing some serious exercise? The best swimming pool contractors have a design team that can draw up plans for the pool of your dreams, then hand these over to their construction team to make it happen.

How Much Is Your Budget?

This is one of the most important things to consider. How much are you willing to spend on a swimming pool? How flexible is your budget? Remember to set aside money for landscaping and other decorative features after your pool is constructed, as well as tasks like pool maintenance and cleaning that are ongoing expenses.

What Size Do You Want?

While not the only factor, size is one of the factors that contribute most to the cost of a swimming pool project. How large and how deep do you want your pool to be? Keep in mind that you’ll need to leave clearance around the pool for a deck and features like the filtration system. Don’t try to squeeze a pool that’s too large into a small backyard. You’re better off designing a smaller wading pool and making it look as elegant as possible. After all, the less you spend on the dimensions of a pool, the more you can spend on decorative features like a beautiful pool deck and features like a hot tub.

Which Pool Material Should You Choose?

There are many different materials to choose from when constructing a pool. This material is more important than you may realize. For example, a vinyl liner pool is cheaper and quicker to install but may require more maintenance than something like a concrete pool. Concrete pool construction is longer and more expensive, but you get an incredibly durable pool that’s sure to last. Fiberglass pools are also popular, but they don’t offer much in the way of customization potential and are extremely limiting. Therefore, some swimming pool construction teams don’t even offer this material.

What Extra Features Do You Want?

Swimming pool designs are more flexible than ever, as you can customize not just the look and shape of your pool, but also features like a waterfall, hot tub, and infinity edge. You can even customize the type of water in the pool–salinated with salt or chlorinated.

Who Should Build Your Pool?

As for who should build your home’s custom look, look no further than Hilltop Pools and Spas. We are the leading swimming pool builders in Atlanta, specializing in custom residential pools. Call us today to learn more about making your dream pool a reality. The sooner you start the process, the sooner you’ll have a relaxing, gorgeous swimming pool just steps away from your door.

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We would consider it a privilege to design and construct your project and have you as a member of our “Hilltop Family.”