Questions to Ask When Building the Pool of Your Dreams

If you’ve dreamed of building a swimming pool in your backyard, you may have a perfect image in mind. Perhaps you envision a pristine pool of blue waters, a simple rectangular design, and a neutral tile deck, surrounded by lush plants. Maybe you’ve envied the natural look of irregular pools with rocks and water features. Whatever you’ve imagined bringing home to your yard, swimming pool contractors in Atlanta can make it happen.

The pool of your dreams is only steps away. However, there are a few decisions that you need to make before you start building your pool. These are the top questions you must ask when building the pool of your dreams.

Who Should You Hire?

There are many pool companies competing for a contract with you, hoping that you’ll hire them to build your dream swimming pool. So, who should you hire? Search your community for reputable, licensed, professional, and well-reviewed swimming pool builders. Then, ensure that these builders have experience in both pool construction and design.

Then, determine which pool builder has the most attractive and extensive portfolio on their website. You should always check a pool builder’s website to ensure that they’re legitimate, experienced, and skilled. Ideally, find a contractor who offers financing options to homeowners, too.

What Type of Pool Should You Build?

First of all, decide between an in-ground or above-ground pool. The latter will be less expensive and easier to install. However, it will be less durable and beautiful than an in-ground pool.

You should also select between the various pool construction materials available to you, including concrete and vinyl. While vinyl may be less expensive and easier to install, as well as faster to complete, a concrete construction gives you more design control. This is especially important if you want unique features, like a zero edge or swim-up bar.

What Style of Pool Do You Prefer?

A custom pool builder will essentially give you a blank slate to work with, though they can help walk you through the design process. Many of choices related to your pool’s appearance and features come down to the style that you prefer. Do you want an athletic, Olympic-style pool, which will have simple decorative features and a rectangular shape, or something more natural looking? Do you want an irregular, youthful design or a more elegant and design-savvy pool?

Be sure to ask this final question to swimming pool contractors in Atlanta, and they will guide you through the design process, helping to bridge the gap between your imaginary pool and the actual swimming pool that is the end result of the construction process.

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