Reasons You Should Include a Waterfall in Your In-Ground Pool

Having an in-ground pool is a luxury that many people dream of having. If you’re finally installing your own pool and you’re working with a custom pool builder in Atlanta, you may want to talk to them about adding a waterfall to your pool’s design. You might think that this seems a bit extravagant and that a waterfall doesn’t do anything for your pool besides adding some extra, luxurious style to it. But a waterfall actually offers a few other benefits for your in-ground pool as well. Keep reading to find out what they are.

Fun for the Kids

Sure, a waterfall adds a lot of beauty to a pool that adults can enjoy. But they’re fun for kids too! Children love swimming under and near a waterfall in a pool, and you’ll find them spending a great deal of their time in the pool near this water feature. It’s like having a toy built directly into your pool.

And, depending on the design and the type of waterfall you have installed, your kids may also be able to enjoy climbing to the top of the waterfall to jump in the water. They’ll feel like they’ve discovered a secret waterfall in a remote jungle and will have a blast making that jump again and again.

Circulating the Water

Sure, all pools will have some built-in way to circulate the water. But if the water has to be circulated anyways, why not do so in a unique and visually interesting way? A waterfall will keep the water in your pool flowing and circulating so that it is clean and at the proper chemical levels—and it will do it with a touch of elegance that standard pool jets can never accomplish.

Relaxing Ambiance

Planning to spend some time relaxing beside the pool or soaking up the sun on an inflatable mat? Then a waterfall is a perfect way to add some relaxing ambiance to your backyard. There’s something incredibly soothing about the sound of running water, and when you add a waterfall to your pool, you can turn your backyard into the perfect relaxing retreat. You’ll find yourself unwinding completely as you listen to your waterfall cascading into your pool. Just try not to drift off for too long, or you just might wake up to a sunburn!

Unique Style

If you’re adding a pool to your backyard, you’re likely thinking about more than just functionality; you also want to add some beauty and style to your outdoor space. So why would you settle for a cookie-cutter design instead of something truly unique? Adding a waterfall to your pool gives it a natural elegance that can be adapted to fit any landscape style.

Want your pool to blend in with your natural landscape? A rocky waterfall makes your pool look like a part of nature, with all the simple, stunning beauty that nature can provide. Want something sharper and more modern? A sleek, infinity-style waterfall adds a chic and classy look to your pool that fits perfectly with a more contemporary design.

If you’re custom building your pool, then a waterfall is the perfect addition to your pool’s design. Contact Hilltop Pools and Spas, Inc., to design your pool today. We’re one of the best pool companies in Atlanta, and we can design and build a custom pool for you from start to finish. Call us today at 770-471-3889 for a free quote.

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