Signs Your Swimming Pool Needs a Makeover

A residential swimming pool is a gift that keeps on giving. It can provide years of service to your family and hundreds of hours of enjoyment for anyone who gets the opportunity to use it. It provides you with a cool, tranquil oasis from the fast-paced world zipping by each day, and it can even benefit your health by providing an opportunity for low-impact physical activity. Those are just a few of the reasons that pool installation in Atlanta, GA, is so popular among homeowners, especially those with families.

Pools aren’t meant to last forever, however, and there’s some variance in the average life span of a pool that’s largely determined by its type. Many types of pools can be rejuvenated when they begin to show signs of their age. With the help of an Atlanta pool builder, your pool can undergo a dramatic change that will make it look brand-new. Keep reading below to learn about a few of the signs that it may be time to give your beloved swimming pool a makeover.

Cracked Surfaces

Swimming pools must do one thing well, and that’s hold water. However, when cracks and fissures form in the critical surfaces of the pool, it can be problematic for its appearance and long-term viability. Cracks are often the result of low-quality concrete, poor workmanship during installation, or inadequate sealant. They’re a visible sign that there are some serious issues with your pool, which translates to an increased likelihood of leaks. Those leaks not only lead to wasted water, but that leaking water will also erode the soil around your pool shell and weaken the entire structure.

Peeling Plaster

Much like cracks, defects in workmanship or poor materials can lead to peeling of the plaster used to seal the inside of a concrete pool shell. Another common culprit in the erosion of plaster is the litany of harsh chemicals that are used to clean and maintain the average pool. Fortunately, a qualified pool restoration expert can usually fix the problem by draining the pool, assessing the extent of the damage, and either replastering the trouble spots or the entire pool.

Perpetually Dirty Water

Your pool isn’t just the shell that holds the water. The system also includes your pump and filter as well as the network of plumbing that services it. If you notice that your pool water seems to remain perpetually dirty regardless of how often it’s cleaned, that could be a sign that the filter is failing. It can also be an indication that the pool plumbing has become fouled or that there are clogs in the line somewhere. When the water flow is reduced by clogs and blockages, that can reduce the flow of water through the filter and prevent it from doing its job. Finally, if none of the aforementioned seem to be the culprit, it could be that your pump is failing, and there is insufficient water flow to the filter. In any case, you’ll need a professional pool specialist to assess the situation and provide the appropriate solution.

Damaged Amenities

Your pool isn’t just a hole in the ground, but rather an aquatic playground. That’s because it incorporates lighting, diving boards, slides, heaters, and other add-ons that make pool life that much more enjoyable. However, when those special features become damaged or cease to function as intended, it’s time to get a professional on the case. If the lights have stopped working or your pool heater doesn’t seem able to lift the temperature as much as it once did, it’s time for a makeover. If your diving board is cracked or the area around the pool appears faded and outdated, it may be time to freshen things up a bit.

Even the best pool design in Atlanta may not age gracefully, which makes a remodeling project the perfect way to revitalize your pool. By recognizing these signs that it’s time for a pool makeover, you can add years of enjoyment to the life span of your pool. If you’re ready for a pool makeover, contact Hilltop Pools and Spas at (770) 471-3889.

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