Steps for planning your 2020 swimming pool project

2020 is the best year to build a home pool. While social distancing measures are still advised nationwide, many homeowners are working to make their homes as fun, relaxing, elegant, and stimulating as possible. Swimming pools have all the above covered. And if you hire a quality custom pool builder in Atlanta, you can craft the perfect swimming pool for your tastes.

Just follow this guide to make your dream pool a reality. Here are the steps to planning and designing your 2020 swimming pool project.


Your first step when beginning your pool construction project is to select the best place to position it. Where is the best spot in your backyard to place your pool? Imagine the pool having a center point, and then expand from there. How much space can you sacrifice for a pool? Remember that you’ll need to leave room for a deck, landscaping, and some open lawn area, too. A swimming pool shouldn’t eat up an entire backyard.

Imagine a birds-eye view of your backyard. Where would the pool be located, and roughly how would it be shaped? Next, walk out of your back door to your patio, deck, or porch. Where, from this standpoint, would it look beautiful to set your pool? These initial steps can guide the approximate size you have in mind, as well as its shape, orientation, and general theme. You can even set down objects like stakes to mark how large you’d like your pool to be. Don’t worry about selecting all of the design elements rights now. You can easily work with a contractor’s pool design team to draw up detailed designs for the construction experts to follow.


Next, think about any potential challenges to your pool design project. Are trees or large shrubs in the way? What about gas or electrical lines? Are any plumbing systems in the way? Remember that these challenges can add to your pool construction costs, so try to work around as many of these obstacles as possible. Also, think about the slope of your pool. You’ll need a flat portion of your backyard, and ideally, water should flow away from the deck rather than toward it. Some changes can be made, but the more changes you make, the more costly your project will likely be.


Next, think about theming your pool. What type of pool do you have in mind? Think about your motivation for installing a pool in the first place. Do you want a pool primarily for outdoor recreation and exercise? Your swimming pool should have a long, rectangular, and simple shape without too much fuss. Do you want to entertain on a beautiful pool deck? Your pool should have a beautiful shape but shouldn’t be too large. You should actually ask your pool builder to construct an oversized deck that surrounds the pool. Are you just building a pool to add value to your home? Consider building a classic kidney-shaped pool with simple colors that will appeal to most of the buying market.


Lastly, you need a reliable Atlanta pool builder–one with a great reputation, custom design teams, and access to long-lasting and quality pool construction materials. Hilltop Pools and Spas is your resource for planning and building the perfect pool this year. Call us today to discuss your budget, timeline, and the ideas you formulate with the above tips. We’ll get right to work on making your dream pool a reality.

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We would consider it a privilege to design and construct your project and have you as a member of our “Hilltop Family.”