Swimming Pools: How to Choose the Perfect Shape

Your pool will undoubtedly be the favorite member of the family once it’s installed. It will be the center of attention at every pool party, family reunion, and late-night cannon-ball competition thrown. Whether you believe it or not, the shape of your pool will play a big part in the level of enjoyment of those who dive in. From oval-shaped to a custom pool design in Buckhead, here are a few things you should know about choosing your perfect pool shape.

Rectangle Pools

Rectangular pools have always been the classic shape for backyard oases. In the early years of pool design, they were really the only option. Because of their somewhat retro feel, the rectangle shape is perfect for those who appreciate sleek lines and modern designs. If your home is a mid-century modern or more industrial, a rectangular pool will complement the architecture without taking away from its beauty. These four-sided pools aren’t just for the vintage-lovers, though—they’re also excellent for large families or for those who enjoy swimming laps.

Oval Pools

An oval shaped pool is perfect for families. Because its design is so fluid, it compliments any home’s architectural style. Oval pools can be designed to look more tropical or more modern, depending on the pool owner’s choices. It’s easy to extend the design and create a large pool or fit a smaller oval pool into your backyard due to its rounded edges.

Kidney Pools

Kidney pools are similar to oval pools in that their corners are soft and rounded. They’re indented on one side and are the perfect addition to any home. Because of the indent, it’s easy to accessorize the pool with a waterfall, spa, or greenery. A kidney-shaped pool is a bit more natural looking and can be tailored to fit any size of backyard.

Figure 8 Pools

If you have young children, a figure 8-shaped pool may be the answer. These family-friendly shapes allow for easy separation between shallow and deeper waters. Because of the shape of the pool, children have a clear idea of where the deep end begins. As is true with the kidney-shaped pool, the indentations on the side of your figure 8 pool are the perfect place to put outdoor seating, a spa, or additional greenery.

When determining which shaped pool is right for your yard, it’s best to analyze your needs. Design your pool around your lifestyle. If you still can’t decide which pool shape is right for you, consult a professional who has experience with swimming pool designs in Buckhead. In no time, you’ll have the right pool to fit your yard.

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