The Advantages of the Pentair IC40 Salt System

It works for the ocean, and now it can work for your pool. Pools using traditional chlorine sanitizing systems can have many problems. A saltwater chlorination system has many advantages over traditional chlorine-maintained pools. Saltwater systems work by naturally converting salt into chlorine. Because of its many benefits, our award-winning pool company offers the Pentair IC40 salt system. We would like to tell you about its advantages over traditional chlorine systems.


The Pentair IC40 operates like a water softener, so it’s easier on your skin and can even do some nice things for it. Say goodbye to dry and flaky skin and hello to softer and healthier skin when it comes to the effect of the Pentair IC40. Also, your eyes will no longer be red, itchy, and dry as with traditional chlorination systems, and your blond hair will no longer turn green. Plus there will be less algae; therefore, the life your pool will be extended.

Helps the Environment

Salt water systems are better for the environment because they recycle the salt. This results in fewer harmful byproducts added to the environment. Also, there is less damage to the environment from accidental spills. And there will be fewer plastic chlorine bottles to go into landfills. The IC40 is very environmentally friendly.

Cost Effective

Salt water systems generally cost about 1/5 of what chlorine systems cost. This means that the Pentair IC40 will pay for itself in its first year of use.


Once you add the initial amount of salt to your Pentair IC40, you will only have to add more salt over time. This is a lot easier than the frequency of which chlorine needs to be added with traditional chlorine systems.

Pools can be a lot of work, but they don’t have to be. The Pentair IC40 not only saves you work, but also makes your pool water a lot healthier for your body and is much less harmful to the environment.

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