The different types of pool liners

Adding a pool to your home is like adding an additional room. All of a sudden, you have another place to gather and enjoy your family. Whether you’re looking forward to swimming laps or holding plenty of pool parties, the process of building your pool starts with the design. Along with the shape and added features, it’s important to choose a durable pool liner. From vinyl to concrete pools in Newnan, here are a few of the most popular pool liner options available.


Concrete is considered the “father” of all pool liners. It was one of the first materials ever used to line pools and continues to be one of the most popular. Concrete is durable and porous, which allows the shell to hold water while still remaining stable. Concrete pool liners can be sculpted into any shape necessary. Using rebar and a concrete sprayer, a custom liner isn’t a problem at all. When installed correctly, concrete is an extremely durable and long-lasting option. If damage does occur, a sealant can typically be applied instead of needing an entire replacement.


For those who aren’t looking for a custom shape, a fiberglass liner provides a great option. These shells are typically sold in large, one-piece shapes. While concrete liners are sprayed into your desired shape, fiberglass liners will arrive via truck and will be placed directly into your excavated hole. It’s not always possible to customize the shape of your fiberglass pool liner, but that doesn’t mean that manufacturers limit your options. Typically, you can choose many different models and sizes. A fiberglass shell is designed to last 10 to 15 years, after which it will need to be replaced. Due to its smooth surface, fiberglass doesn’t attract fungus or bacteria, making it an extremely sanitary option.


Vinyl liners are resilient and long-lasting. Most models have a lifespan of at least 18 years. This popular option can be prefabricated above ground or set in the excavated hole, depending on your needs. The vinyl liner typically sits on a bed of sand or other soft material, while the top is held in place by a border. Vinyl is a great option for those looking for anti-fungal liners and UV inhibitors, as these can be added to the material.

While these three liner options are the most popular, custom options can also be chosen. Pebble aggregate, stone, tile, and other textures can be adhered to a plaster liner to create a look that’s completely unique. Whether you choose rock or decide to explore inground vinyl liner pools in Newnan, your pool should be a reflection of your style and personality.

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