Underground PoolBuilding a swimming pool is a big decision. It’s a detail-rich and time-consuming process, but the more homeowners are informed, the easier it is for everyone.

Concrete or in-ground swimming pools must be designed with function and form to suit a homeowner’s property and lifestyle.

Besides providing fun and relaxation, a swimming pool is an investment that can significantly increase the resale value of a property.

In this short guide, we’ve explained the steps on how to build a swimming pool. Continue reading to learn more.



General contractors or swimming pool contractors understand the ins and outs of swimming pool construction. So, they can come up with designs or modify existing plans to suit the homeowner’s lifestyle.

They help property owners select the right type of swimming pools and draw up estimates. And if the owner agrees with the designs and estimates, they both sign a contract.


After signing a contract, the next step is to gain the permits for residential swimming pool zoning and construction based on where you live.

You might need different permits might for the construction of the pool and decking. The contractor will acquire gas hook-ups and electric installation permits. The local council must also approve detailed plans and drawings of the swimming pool.


The swimming pool contractor will determine the shape, depth, and area of the pool. These decisions are based on the location, position, and size of the pool.

The location of the pool must be perfect to allows regular maintenance. The swimming pool must be located in flat terrain to reduce the cost of excavation and filling and away from tress to avoid the pool filling up with leaves.

The design of the swimming pool will also include the identification of all underground services like electrical wires, irrigation lines, plumbing supply pipes, and communication lines.


The next step is to dig the area to prepare for construction. Excavators will cut and dig the pool according to the plan.

Excavation can last three days, but this depends entirely on the complexity of the shape, access to the ground, and weather conditions.


Upon completion of the excavation, the swimming pool contractor will set the swimming pool perimeter with timber stakes and markers.

The builder will use them in the next step of fixing steel frames. They will come in handy during the setting of boundaries and levels required to construct the pool.

Next, the contractor will construct a crisscross cage around the entire pool. The crisscross cage will allow concrete to be sprayed on top. The steel cage helps with holding the structural integrity of the pool.

After steel fixing, a plumber will fit all the in-ground pipes and skimmer. The process will take approximately two days. Lights and electrical lines will also get fitted.


The next three days of the pool-construction process will involve placement and sculpturing of pressurized concrete according to the pool design. After that, they leave the concrete to dry.


Here, a tile setter will handle the beauty of the pool and its surrounding area. The tiles used depend on the choice of the pool owner. The tile and decking process will take approximately three weeks. However, this depends on the design and square-footage.


The municipal council will come and inspect the pool and see if it’s up to their standard. This can take about five days.


The final step of how to build a swimming pool involves the use of trowels to fill in any nicks on the surface of the pool. Also, it involves the application of a concrete coating to the floor and wall of the swimming pool. After the plastering process, the pool is immediately filled with water.


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