Things to Look Out for When Hiring Swimming Pool Contractors

With summer rapidly approaching, don’t you think it’s finally time to build your own private swimming pool? If your answer is yes, you’re making a smart choice! Private swimming pools not only increase your property value, but they also make staying at home fun. Your next step is searching through swimming pool contractors in Atlanta to find the right one to hire. But where do you begin? Do you go with the lowest price? The most experienced? The company that can build it the fastest? Here are some expert tips for finding the right swimming pool contractor for your home.

Start with Local Reviews and Recommendations

A good place to start is finding a company with great reviews and locals who can testify on their behalf. You never really understand what goes into swimming pool construction and design until you talk to a homeowner who’s already been through it. Don’t hesitate to ask them tons of questions about their experience. For instance, how many estimates did they receive before hiring their chosen swimming pool construction company? Were there any unexpected costs? How long did it take? Was there good customer service and communication throughout the process? Learning more about other people’s pool building experiences can help you narrow down your search.

Find a Company That is Licensed and Insured

Once you’ve narrowed down your list of potential swimming pool construction companies, it’s important to remove any recommendations that aren’t licensed and insured! You can instantly delete them from your list. Georgia law states that contractors who build private swimming pools must be properly insured and licensed. Some people have attempted to save money and hire companies that are off the grid. It’s never worth it. If a mistake is made or an accident happens, it could do a lot of damage to your home and end up costing you thousands of dollars in repairs. Play it safe and only hire companies that are licensed and insured.

Hire a Contractor That Can Offer Warranties

Every homeowner that invests in a private pool hopes that their construction goes smoothly and everything from pool pumps to heaters will work properly from now until the end of time. However, we all know that things can go wrong and lots of stuff can break. When installing something so grand and expensive, like a swimming pool or spa on your property, it’s only right that these things come with warranties. Be sure to discuss this with your contractor on day one.

Choose a Company That Can Work with Your Budget

When meeting with your potential swimming pool contractors, make sure they’re ready and willing to work with your budget. If you meet with a contractor who immediately tries to upsell your desired design, they’re probably not the right company for you. Always go with a company that respects your budget and can work successfully within it. While it’s okay to hear about extra pool features and explore all of your options, it’s not okay to be bullied into something that you don’t need or want. Find swimming pool builders in Atlanta that respect your budget your choices. Ready to break ground? Contact the experts at Hilltop Pools and Spas today to get a free quote!

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