Tips for Choosing the Best Pool for Your Home

The inside of your home should be a refuge, designed to suit your style and be comfortable. Does your backyard have the same effect? It’s time to take comfort outside by installing your own personal oasis in your backyard.

Whether you prefer the sleek lines of a rectangular swimming pool or the serene sounds of a waterfall, here are a few tips to help you choose the best pool for your home.

  • Consider the type of yard that you have. It doesn’t make much sense to put an overly-large pool on a small lot. Smaller yards do better with compact gunite pools. This leaves you room to place plants, lounge chairs, or umbrellas. If you have a large backyard, though, you can install a number of different pool shapes and sizes. The incline of your yard also plays a large factor in what type of pool shape is right for you. An infinity pool isn’t going to be as spectacular unless you live on a hill with a view.
  • Decide on a shape and style that will complement your house. The shape of your pool will emphasize the design of your home more than you know. For example, a rectangular shaped pool tends to give your backyard more of a formal look. When paired with the architecture of a modern home, it makes things look even sleeker. On the other hand, curves and flowing lines tend to soften harsh edges and symmetry of home shapes. It’s also important to mirror the design of the exterior of your home to your pool. If your home has more of a Tuscan feel, consider adding some travertine, fountains, or carefully hedged bushes.
  • What will your pool be used for? Different homeowners desire different things for their pools. If you want to swim laps in it, you might want a longer pool. If you’d rather float in the pool, perhaps you need more width. If you have kids, you may want a larger shallow area or a diving board. Some homeowners want a sun shelf where they can place a lounge chair and soak up the rays of summer.
  • Decide on your extra features. A great way to design your pool is to create a focal point. A lavish spa or a beautiful fountain is the perfect thing on which to center your pool. These types of features create a peaceful environment and allow your pool to reflect your personality. Whether you choose multi-colored LED lights, a water slide, or underwater speakers, be sure to add those finishing touches that reflect your style.
  • Consider how you want your pool to look even when no one is using it. Your pool isn’t always going to be in use. When the sun goes down, you still want your backyard to look amazing. Adding fire pits or arranging furniture strategically makes your space look cozy no matter how it is being used.

If, after reading these tips, you are still a bit nervous about creating your dream pool, don’t worry. There are professionals to help you create the perfect design. These experts have seen countless swimming pool designs and know just what to do to create the perfect space for your family.

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