Tips for Choosing the Shape of Your New Swimming Pool

Having a pool in your backyard is one of the best ways to enjoy the outdoors in your home, and it provides a great family entertainment space. A swimming pool also helps create a beautiful landscape for your backyard. You can design the space around the pool to make it look more appealing. Once you’ve made the exciting decision of building a swimming pool in your backyard, you’ll have to factor in several aesthetic and functional considerations, and an important one among them is the shape of your pool layout. Your pool builder will be able to explain to you the details of the different shapes of pool available and suggest the best for your yard and requirements.

Depending on the size and shape of your yard and your usage of the pool, there are several shapes for pools to choose from, including rectangle, oval, L-shaped, kidney-shaped, figure 8, free-form pools, and more. This article is meant to serve as a guide to ease your pool building process and help you choose a pool shape that best suits your yard.

Availability of Space

The availability of space in your backyard is a main determining factor in selecting a pool design. Certain pool shapes help you maximize a small area or fill a larger space efficiently compared to others. A kidney-shaped pool maximizes the space in which you can swim. It’s a great option for smaller yards and if your space is limited. Rectangular pools require a large area and are ideal for larger yards.

Your Intent of Use

Do you want to use your pool to swim for exercise or more for relaxation and kid-friendly fun? These are some questions to ask before deciding on the shape of your pool. If you intend to practice your swimming skills at home, then a lap pool with a rectangular shape is ideal for you. A L-shaped pool is also great for swimming laps and provides a shallow area for kids.

If you’re using the pool for family fun, consider a kidney-shaped or free-form layout, where you can add kid-friendly zones that have shallow water areas. A figure 8 pool layout is also a great option for families with little kids because this design offers a nice separation, which clearly helps distinguish between the shallow and deeper areas, making it fun and safe for kids.

Landscaping Around the Pool

The shape of your pool will impact the space and landscaping around it, so you’ll need to choose a layout that complements your landscape design. A rectangular pool is ideal if you have don’t want any landscaping around your pool. A free-form pool design with a curvy shape is ideal if you want to create a beautiful area of natural greenery surrounding your pool. A free-form pool shape gives you more space to allow for landscaping or an entertainment deck.

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