Tips for Having a Pet-Friendly Swimming Pool

If you love your pets and want the best for them, you should keep your home pet-safe, and that includes the backyard. Unfortunately, swimming pools can be incredibly unsafe for pets, especially small cats and dogs. When you work with a professional pool builder in Atlanta, focus on designing and installing a pool that is fun for you but safe for your furry friends.

It’s obvious what’s at risk when your pets enter the pool, and the worst part about the risk of pet drownings is that you can’t explain the risks to them the way you can with a child, nor can you enroll your pets in swimming courses.

Here are some swimming pool construction tips for pet owners.

Fence It In

Many municipalities require that you fence your pool in a residential area. These laws have child safety in mind, but a fence can also protect your pets. That means building a fence that your pets can’t get around. If you have cats that spend time outdoors unsupervised, then make sure the fence has narrow posts that they can’t fit between, as well as a curved or irregular top that will deter them from jumping over it. Large dog owners need to build a very sturdy and tall fence to keep the dogs from exploring the pool without supervision. You may want to also install a removable fence that encloses the immediate edge of the swimming pool.

Build Stair or Ramp Access

Pets and children should have safe methods for exiting the pool if they fall in, become exhausted while swimming, or otherwise need to escape. Ask swimming pool contractors near you if they can build pools with zero-depth entry, which is similar to a beach shoreline, or underwater stairs. These escape routes can save pet lives.

Consider Alarming the Pool

Building custom pools means installing a swimming pool that’s perfect for your precise needs, including your design tastes and the safety concerns that you may have for your family and pets. An example of the latter is the custom water disturbance alarm, a tool that alerts you to any significant motion in your swimming pool while you’re away. Unfortunately, they aren’t foolproof, especially because water outdoors will naturally be disturbed by the wind and debris like leaves. However, this adds another layer of protection for your furry friends.

For more advice on building a pet-safe pool and tips for keeping your pets safe if you allow them to swim, find a pool builder in Atlanta that will build you a custom-designed swimming pool that’s perfect for your home and family.

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