Tips on Accessorizing your Backyard Oasis

There’s nothing like having your own private pool area to lounge around in the summer, especially in a steamy city like Atlanta. Of course, if you’ve owned a pool for longer than a summer, you probably know that the area around the pool is just as important as the pool itself for really enjoying yourself outside.

When it’s done right, there’s just something about relaxing near water that feels different and more enjoyable than other settings. In this day and age, it’s easier than ever to create your perfect space thanks to the rise of custom pools in Atlanta. Here’s how to organize your space and make it yours!

Know Who’s Using the Space

One of the best ways to maximize the space behind and around your pool is to be honest about who’s going to be using it and what they’re likely to be using it for. If you plan to routinely host large parties where people are diving and playing in the pool, you’ll want to segment off a space for people who’d rather relax without the fear of getting splashed. In such a case, it’s a great idea to carve out a deck area to serve refreshments and chat while people get crazy in the water.

Or perhaps your gatherings will be mostly quiet affairs that involve a small group alternating between going in the pool and sitting in the sun. If that sounds more like you, it might be a good idea to opt for a sitting area that’s close to the pool, as you’ll get all the benefits of relaxing by the water without worrying about rowdy activity nearby. Whatever you decide, make sure that it matches your tastes and the tastes of those who will be using the pool the most!

Choose Furniture You Like

Having the right furniture surrounding your pool is just as important as making sure that the pH of the water is where it should be. What you want to do is choose furniture that fits your taste and that you will actually use. The way to do that is choose furniture that matches your style and fits in the space you have. If you don’t have a lot of space available, it’s not a great idea to spend your time and money stocking up on bulky lounge chairs. Conversely, if you’re not the kind of person who’s going to sit around a table and talk, you wouldn’t want to get rigid chairs and a table with an umbrella.

In order to get the most out of your backyard space, you need to choose furniture that fits with your needs and tastes. Ideally, you want it to look great and feel great!

Ensure You Have Shade

Most people love the sun, but there can be times where the sun is a little too much for their skin and they need a break. In order to make your backyard space truly relaxing, you need to make sure that people can get away from the sun without going too far from the pool. Putting a chair or two in a shady area under a tree can be a great way to accomplish this. If you don’t have any trees around, a large umbrella over the chairs will work great. As long as you have cover when you want it, you’re good to go.

As long as you’ve got the space and budget for your tastes, you’re only limited by your imagination when you opt for one of the custom pools in Atlanta in your backyard. By planning things out carefully, you’ll ensure that you’ve got your own piece of paradise on earth at home!

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