Top Innovative Pool Designs for a Perfect Backyard

Installing a swimming pool is one of the best treats you can give you and your family. Not only are they fun, but they provide great opportunities for working out, look fabulous, and can dramatically increase the value of your home. If you’re considering getting a new pool yourself, why stick with the same boring designs as everyone else? Now’s your chance to do something special, so hire a custom pool builder in Atlanta, and install a pool that’s unique to you. Here are a few exciting designs you can use for inspiration.

Go with a Customized Shape

There’s no reason you have to be stuck with a standard kidney-shaped or elliptical pool. Use your new pool to exemplify something special about you or your family. Are you a guitar player? Build a guitar-shaped pool. Are you and your partner newlyweds? Consider a heart-shaped pool, or some other romantic design that’s individual to you.

Go Tropical

A pool is the ultimate backyard accessory. Instead of having it stand alone in your yard, surround it with tropical plants. Install a waterfall in the pool or put a Tiki bar next to it for summer parties. Having a pool affords you the opportunity to create your own backyard oasis. Round out your Tiki bar with coconuts and little cocktail umbrellas, and you’re good to go.

Fire Features

Swimming pools are dramatic. Fire pits are dramatic. So, can anything be more dramatic than incorporating fire features into your pool design? Adding small fire pits by your pool—or better, on islands within your pool—ups the drama factor of your yard by a factor of ten. It also has the further advantage of acting as a beautiful centerpiece in your yard even on cold winter nights.

A Swim-Up Bar

Hey, if we’re going to fantasize, let’s just go all the way. Nothing says, “Welcome to Cancun!” like your own swim-up bar. It sounds crazy, but it’s not as impossible as it seems. All you really need is a bar area that dips down to the pool, and some underwater stools, and you’ve got your own 5-star resort accommodation.

Fit into the Natural Environment

Take the floral arrangements that surround your pool even further by making the pool appear as if it’s part of the natural environment. Surround it with wildflowers and accent it with water features that extend all the way to the edge of the pool so that the pool itself seems to almost disappear. The effect is lovely and extremely relaxing whether you’re swimming or relaxing by the pool with a good book.

Dramatic Lighting

With LEDs inexpensive and readily available, you can surround your pool in Atlanta with an endless array of lighting options. You can set them to timers that change color and mood by the hour, or you can put lights within your pool that light up the night sky with gorgeous lighting designs. The only limit to how you light your pool these days is your imagination.

Installing a pool gives you the rare opportunity to create a new environment. It’s an opportunity you don’t want to miss. For more information, contact the experts at Hilltop Pools and Spas.

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