Trending Swimming Pool Designs for Commercial Spaces

Every business wants their commercial space to stand out from the crowd and get noticed, but it’s not always easy to make it happen. While decorative touches or interesting floor plans can help, a pool is perhaps one of the most obvious ways to set your property apart. Of course, a typical pool won’t always be feasible or even appropriate for a commercial environment. If you’d like a bit of inspiration, check out a few trending swimming pool designs for commercial spaces. There’s bound to be one that’s worthy of your attention.


It might not seem like an obvious way to go the nontraditional route, but tile has come a long way over the years. Decades ago, all that was available was ceramic tile, and it only came in a few colors. Today, glass tiles are popular as well, and the variety of colors, styles, and designs is nearly unfathomable. Whether you want to integrate the deck with the rest of your commercial space and make it appear to blend all but seamlessly with the rest of the structure or you want something with a stark contrast, tile can do the trick. Don’t underestimate how much work tile can accomplish.


Just a few short years ago, fire effects were a rare treat. Outside of Las Vegas or other showy locations, fire just wasn’t incorporated into pools. Fire as an element is now much more common, and it’s being utilized in very creative ways. Sometimes, fire is used to highlight edges or frame an area. You’ll also see fire pits, fireplaces, and fire bowls. Whether you want it as a centerpiece, part of a framework or as a whole series of features, fire can morph the appearance of a pool in a number of different ways.

Jumping Jets

If you want your pool to be a source of entertainment, jumping jets are a great option. Jets can be choreographed and set to perform alongside lights or even music. If you want your pool to be part of a spectacle and present a real treat to your guests or clients, jumping jets allow you to integrate water, light, and sound into a dynamic and exciting display. Some systems may use tubular laminar flows. The result is that the water will take on the appearance of a glass rod that’s being suspended in the air. With jumping jets, you can go as cutting edge as you like or you can simply opt for fun and frolic.

Splash Pads

You’re probably familiar with splash pads due to water parks. They’re quite common at water parks and fun to experience. Splash pads are safe, affordable, and delightful. It’s easy to incorporate unpredictable sprays, and the safety factor is a major bonus. The water isn’t contained within a vessel, which makes safety for kids a definite bonus. If you want to make your commercial space family friendly and enjoyable, splash pads are a great way to transform your pool into a source of amusement and entertainment. It’s not always the case that kids are encouraged to play by the pool, but splash pads make it both manageable and encouraged.

Commercial pools in Atlanta don’t have to be cookie-cutter additions to your space. They can be unique and enjoyable. Contact the experts at Hilltop Pools and Spas, Inc., if you’d like to learn more.

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