Types of Pool Filters


If you’re reading this, chances are that you’re one of the 10.4 million Americans that own pools with their homes. Swimming is a refreshing way to get through your day.  Like other spaces in your home, pools can get dirty from daily debris.

Whether at home or in public, no one wants to take a dip in a dirty pool. As scary as it sounds, pools can be a source of infection. Hygiene is of the essence.  Both clarity of the water and aesthetics of the design matter to swimmers.

Disinfection and filtration are the two major techniques employed in making sure swimming pools are safe. We will be focusing on the latter. Pool filters to the rescue!

By reading this, you are on your way to knowing more about pool filters and keeping your pool clean and safe.

Types of Swimming Pool Filters

Maintaining a pool can be cumbersome. It is best to find the right fit for your home and your swimming pool needs.

The water pump system pumps water into the filters for cleaning.

There are three basic types of swimming pool filters:

Sand filter

This applies a basic principle of science. This filter contains different gradations of sand particles. Dirt of different sizes is trapped within each layer.

Only filtered water makes its way back to your pool.  The more modern sand filters work with pressure rather than gravity.

The minimum particle size limit is 10 microns. Anything smaller will not be trapped by the sand. Sand filters last five to seven years on average.


  • A high rate of filtration
  • Easy to work with
  • May not be as expensive


  • Filtration is not as fine as other filters
  • Requires water-consuming backwashes to clear the system


Cartridge filter

Cartridge filters contain a detachable circular cartridge made of paper material.


  • Effective filtration even at slow speeds
  • Conserves water – no need for backwashes


  • Maintenance may be difficult
  • Requires significant human effort

Diatomaceous Earth filters

The filter medium is made of diatomaceous earth material. This is derived from a multi-use crushed sedimentary rock.

Pool water enters through a grid that is lined with diatomaceous earth. It is much like a cross between the cartridge and the sand filter.


  • Finer filtration
  • Cleanest water quality


  • Maintenance can be costly
  • Requires regular refilling of the diatomaceous earth
  • Disposal may pose a safety hazard

How to Choose A Filter

Factors to consider in choosing a filter:

  • Functionality
  • Your budget
  • Your pool builder’s recommendations
  • Estate recommendations
  • Personal preferences

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