Ultimate Guide to Building the Luxury Pools of Your Dreams

You have a vision for the pool of your dreams, but do you know how to make that vision come to life? Pool design in Atlanta is a process that requires planning and precision by experienced by swimming pool builders. Continue reading to learn more about the steps involved to build the luxury pool of your dreams.

Step #1 – Hire the Right Pool Builders

The first step in pool design is hiring the right people to build your pool. There are plenty of pool swimming pool contractors in Atlanta, but not all of them have the experience, commitment, or training to give you the pool of your dreams.

When selecting a pool design team, you need to work with professionals who will sit with you and discuss ideas and gather inspiration. You need a professional who knows how to budget for each project phase. You also need a designer who will give you 3-D renderings of what your pool should like when it’s completed.

A luxury pool is only as good as the plan. So, make sure you take the time to work pool contractors who put a lot into the planning process.

Step #2 – Evaluate the Property

Once you and your pool builder have settled on a pool design, the next step is a survey of the property. This survey is very important because your property’s topography will determine how the pool is built and if you need to tweak the design.

Some of the things that your designer will look for when doing a site evaluation include the following:

  • Is the property mostly flat, or is it slopped?
  • Are there views in your backyard you want to incorporate it into your pool design?
  • Do you plan to incorporate existing hardscape features like patios and other outdoor structures?

If you’re having trouble settling on a pool design, the property evaluation can help you narrow your choices. Some properties work better with different pool styles than others.

Step #3 – Discuss the Budget

How much do you want to invest in a backyard pool? Pool prices run the gamut and determine by materials used, the size, and features. Be straightforward about your budget and only have pool builders give you options within your price point. The last thing you want is to have your heart set on a pool you can’t afford. You want the pool building process to be fun, not disappointing.

Step #4 – Choose the Features

When it comes to luxury swimming pools, there’s simple and elegant swimming pool construction options, over-the-top options with features like waterfalls and rock formations, and then everything else that falls in between. Popular luxury pool features include sun decks, swim-up bars, yoga decks, beach entries, and more. Make a list of your must-have features and ask your pool contractor if the features you want will fit into your budget.

Are you ready to start designing your luxury pool? For top-of-the-line pool installation in Atlanta, choose a pool builder that has a long history of designing functional and beautiful pools. Homeowners in the metro area deserve the best swimming pool builders in the area. To get started on your new luxury pool, contact Hilltop Pools and Spas today at (770) 471-3889.

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