Unique Pool Shapes

Did you know there are other shapes for your pool than the average rectangle? When it comes to creating your own backyard oasis, the possibilities are endless if you have the right people on your side. There may be specific reasons why you don’t want a rectangular pool or maybe you are just looking to have something that looks more unique in home. When it comes to creating a pool, the sky is the limit. If you’re looking for some pool shape ideas that will make yours different from your neighbors, you’ve come to the right place.

Round Pool

A round or oval shaped pool can offer a classic look like that of traditional rectangular shaped pools but with an added level of luxury. These can be round or oval and were originally inspired by Hollywood celebrities and homes in the early 1930s.

Bean Shaped Pool

Also known as kidney shaped pools, these designs are rounded at both ends with a slight curve on one side. This a good style of pool for those looking to incorporate additional water features like waterfalls or grottos.

L-Shaped Pool

A different take on a rectangular pool, the L-shaped pool is made of two rectangle shapes pieced together to create the letter, “L”. It is usually shorter on one side than it is the other which is useful for those who want to create a shallow oasis to relax in.

Roman Shaped Pool

The Roman shaped pool is a rectangle with some add-ons. These come in the form of domes on each side of the pool. These create a formal look and can be used to place steps into the pool or a shallow lounge and sunbathing area. If there is one dome, it is a single Roman and if there are arches on each side it is called a double Roman.

Greek Shaped Pool

Greek shaped pools are rectangular pools with pieces taken away. It is recognized by the curved corners that cut into the shape of the pool. This type of pool offers the same functionality as a rectangular pool but with added style.

Geometric Pool

A geometric shaped pool is one that is made of straight lines but created into different shapes. This can be used to form pools with as little as three sides like a triangle or into decagonal shape with 10 sides.

Freeform Shaped Pool

For those who can’t settle on a predetermined shape, a freeform pool might be the way to go. These are organic shapes made up of a variety of curves as if you sat down and drew a splash of water. These are great for those wanting to create a pool with a lagoon or oasis type feeling.

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