A backyard pool creates an oasis of fun and memories. It’s also a great way to beat the heat during the hot and humid Atlanta summers. If you’re considering installing a swimming pool on your property, it’s important to work with only the finest swimming pool company in the Atlanta metro area. Hilltop Pools & Spas has been an industry leader for years. Our team of designers is eager to help you search through the numerous swimming pool designs to find the right shape, size, and style that meets your budget and property requirements.

Swimming Pools Add Value


There has been debate over this subject for years. Being able to cool off at home instead of going to a public pool is priceless for many families, but does a backyard pool really increase the value of your property? It certainly does if it’s installed correctly and maintained. To get the most value out of your investment, it’s important to work with pool builders who understand the importance of craftsmanship. When you choose Hilltop Pools and Spa, you’re working with a company that deeply cares about the product it produces. Our certified pool specialists guarantee their work. They take their time to make sure everything is constructed correctly and nothing is left to chance. Once your pool is installed, our builders go over how to maintain the pool, what chemicals to use, and how to spot signs of problems.

Vinyl Pool Installation

There are three types of pool construction: vinyl, fiberglass, and concrete. While each has their own benefits, many of our customers prefer in-ground vinyl pool liners. In terms of pool prices, vinyl liners have the lowest initial costs of all in-ground pools. For homeowners who are looking for low upfront costs, vinyl is a good choice.

Other reasons that homeowners select vinyl pools is customization. Do you need an odd-shaped pool to fit your backyard dimensions? Unlike fiberglass and concrete pools, there are no size limitations with vinyl pools. The pool can be any shape, depth, and length. The only limitations are the size of your space and the amount you’re willing to pay.

Our customers like vinyl liners because they’re not as abrasive as concrete pools. When your feet touch the bottom of the pool, it’s a smooth surface. Also, vinyl doesn’t foster algae growth like other pool types. The reason for this is because these liners are non-porous. Looking for ideas? Check out our gallery!

Schedule a Consultation

Still on the fence about installing a pool? It’s a big decision. Not only is it a financial commitment, but it’s a time commitment, too. Although our pools are easy to take care of, there is still a fair amount of work the homeowners have to do. That’s why we urge potential customers to give us a call and discuss their options.

When you schedule a consultation, you and one of our outstanding pool designers will work together to bring your vision to life. We’ll send someone to your home to take measurements, survey the area where the pool is to be installed, and go over any questions you have. Once construction begins, we keep you informed at every step of the process. We work tirelessly to get your pool completed as soon as possible so you and your family have more time to enjoy it.

At Hilltop Pools and Spas, we want to help everyone realize their dream of owning a backyard pool. Give us a call or send us an email with any questions!

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