Want a Chemical-free Swimming Pool? Try the Ecosmarte System

For many people, the idea of a crystal-clear, refreshing swimming pool right in their backyard is extremely tempting, especially in the summer months. However, the time, expense, energy, and potential bad health effects of a chemically cleaned pool can often make homeowners pause when considering the pros and cons of a new swimming pool. The dry skin, burning eyes, and damaged hair from chlorine can be offputting for potential pool buyers, as well as the worries about various skin problem like acne. So for people who don’t want to deal with the hassle and worry of pools with chemicals, try out the Ecosmarte system for a great, alternative filtering system!

An Innovative Filtration System

Through combinations of oxidation and copper ionization–similar to the root filtration systems found in nature–Ecosmarte systems serve to filter and purify the water in your pool without any added chemicals. This means that you can swim without the stinging, irritated eyes or tight, dried-out skin that comes from swimming in a chlorinated pool. Additionally, there is none of the hair damage chlorine causes. In fact, since you aren’t swimming in hard water, it can even be beneficial for your hair and skin.

Saves You Time and Money

Not only are Ecosmarte systems less harsh chemically, they are also better at recycling and conserving the water used in the pool. This, in turn, means that you can spend less time, money, and effort on your filtration system as well as the general maintenance and upkeep associated with a swimming pool. Instead, you can enjoy clean and clear water with minimal effort. Plus, conservation of water through the new glass-pack technology means that you will only need to backwash once a month, rather than once a week. Improved and innovative ideas like this are becoming more and more important as drought becomes more of a concern for the country.

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