Pros and Cons You Should Know About

When you are thinking of a cheap, personalized, and low-maintenance pool, the first thing that comes to mind is probably a vinyl pool. Not only is it a stunning piece for your backyard, but it also has some amazing advantages to offer.

Of course, like any other product on the market, it too has its drawbacks. Since we’ve been in pool construction for many years, we know exactly what you will get from a pool like this. Before you decide to invest in a vinyl in-ground pool, here are all the pros and cons we think you need to know about.

Plenty of customizable options, designs, and unique styles.The lifetime cost is a bit higher than a fiberglass swimming pool.
The lowest upfront cost compared to fiberglass or concrete pools.You must replace the liners every 5-10 years.
Quick to install and build.The surface is exposed to constant algae growth.
Ideal for a colder climate.
Easy to maintain and clean.

Customization, Designs, and Styles

In the last couple of decades, the designs for a vinyl inground pool have improved significantly. In the 70s, the pool designs left little room for customization and creativity. But now, you have almost limitless styles, colors, and shapes to choose from. You can also select a pattern, if you like, to give your pool area a unique style. That’s exactly what makes a vinyl pool the perfect choice for a customized swimming area.

Cheap Costs

The vinyl liner is much cheaper than that of other pool materials. It’s the best economical alternative and makes for a great investment. With concrete pools, you will be spending a lot on maintenance and installation.

While with fiberglass, most of the payments will be spent on repairing and shipping costs. The only real drawback is that the lifetime cost gets slightly higher than with fiberglass. But, considering you will be spending less on installation and maintenance, it’s a pretty good deal.

Installation Process

Pool installation can take a very long time. Take concrete pools, for example. You will need to dedicate at least weeks or even months to install it properly. With a vinyl in-ground pool, you only need around 2 weeks. That’s a lot faster and more practical. In other words, the pool will be ready for swimming in no time.

Colder Regions

Concrete pools can’t handle cold temperatures. The vinyl pool is different. It is made of a durable product with a solid structure. The entire structure relies on a polymer shell that doesn’t contract or expand as other materials do. The bottom has a firm structure, while the membrane liners can last from 15 to 20 years. Therefore, it is less likely to get damaged by the cold.


Every pool needs maintenance, but the vinyl pool is not as taxing as other materials. You are getting a smooth liner, which means fewer contaminants are going to get stuck on the surface. Just make sure to clean the algae regularly.


Before you make up your mind about getting a vinyl pool, think about all the advantages and disadvantages listed here. They will help you make an easier decision when trying to make a proper investment. Choose the option that is perfect for you and resonates with your unique style. And if you ever need advice on pools, reach out to Hilltop Pools at our website or call us at 770-471-3889.

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