What Kind of Equipment Does a Commercial Pool Need?

Commercial pools have the same function as residential pools. These are meant for you to enjoy all summer long with your family and friends to relax and have fun in. However, commercial pools are much larger than residential ones and have a different capacity of use they are handling each day. Does this make a difference in the type of equipment that’s needed? Continue reading to learn more about what a commercial pool needs.

Pool Equipment

A commercial pool will need much of the same equipment that your residential pool needs like pool pumps, filters, heaters, etc. These are all very important pieces that help the pool work properly and creates a safe environment for those using it.

While the general equipment needed is the same, there are different factors to take into consideration.

The pool water treatment system will vary greatly between a residential and commercial pool. Because the amount of water and people that the pool is meant for is much greater, the pool will require specific water treatment systems, chlorinators, and filtration systems that can handle the load. This is thousands of gallons of water that you can expect the pool to run through its system so it’s important that the equipment is high-quality and capable of turning it over. Professionals will be able to appropriately size the pool and fit it for it’s filter needs.

Heating systems are another piece to account for. A reliable heater can make the difference when it comes to how comfortable people are in the pool. These are installed in outdoor pools to help capture heat and transfer it to the water and needs to work in conjunction with the ventilation system. Large, commercial pools will need a more powerful heating system in order to heat up the surface area.

Pool Maintenance

What may be just as important as equipment is the maintenance. Commercial pools require extensive and more frequent maintenance. This is because they are used so much more by more people which means an increased risk of contamination. You have all sorts of groups coming through like a swim class, children’s birthday party, or competitive teams. They also collect debris and pollen from being exposed to the elements outdoors.

It’s important to recognize the different level of maintenance that a commercial pool requires and create a consistent schedule to address it. A clean pool is a happy pool and a happy pool leads to happy swimmers.

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