What to Expect When Building a Pool

Are you looking to make a splash in a new pool next summer? Now is the perfect time to begin building the pool of your dreams! Whether you want something large enough to swim laps in or a body of water that’s a bit more kid friendly, creating your perfect pool design in Newman is easier than you think.

From the beginning stages to the very first party, here’s what you can expect from the pool building process.

  • Choosing a custom pool builder. Before any of the holes can be dug or pools can be filled, you have to choose a builder. Your custom builder should have plenty of experience in designing and installing pools. Take your time to research the different prices, experience, and background that each company in your area has before deciding on one to use.
  • Project design. Once you’ve chosen a pool builder, you’ll explain your vision to your pool designer. This is a great time to present any pictures or drawings that you might have of your future pool. The pool designer will also survey your yard and take the necessary measurements to prepare a plan and construction cost for you to review.
  • Permits and approvals. After you’ve decided on a plan, it’s time to seek the necessary approval for your pool. Permits for electric and gas utilities and the construction needed for your pool will be filed for by your pool contractor. If any of your pool plans don’t comply with the codes in your area, they will be rejected. It’s then your contractor’s duty to adjust the plans so that the permits will be approved.
  • Pool layout. After all of the necessary permits have been obtained, the construction process can begin. In the beginning, form boards are set as guides in the exact places where the pool will be constructed.
  • Excavation. Once the layout of your pool is mapped out, the area is excavated. Usually, small skid-steer front end loaders are used to dig out the area and precisely trim the edges of your pool.
  • The form is reinforced. After the hole has been dug, a reinforced pool shell is placed. This gives your pool the support that is needed to prevent it from sinking or cracking.
  • Rough plumbing is completed. Following the installation of the steel pool shell, the main drains, skimmers, light niches, return lines, and plumbing of the spa is completed.
  • Pool floor is laid. Now comes the fun part. Once the rough plumbing is installed, the pool floor is installed. This mixture of sand and cement is applied with highly pressurized air to ensure its structural strength.
  • Decorative tile is laid. Once the foundation has set, the tile and coping that you have chosen will be laid. This is the point when your pool really starts to take shape.
  • Plumbing, equipment, and electrical is installed. The utilities come next. At this time, an experienced installer will place all of the necessary pipes, wires, and systems to ensure that your pool functions properly.
  • The finishing touches are placed. After the deck has been poured and the site cleaned up, finishing touches are placed. You may choose to have the interior of your pool finished with a pebble surface or a different texture.
  • Enjoy! Once everything has been completed, a technician starts your pool up to ensure that everything runs properly. Now you can dive in and enjoy your luxurious new space!

Whether you choose a lap pool or a vinyl pool in Newman, you’ll enjoy customizing your pool to be exactly what you need.

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We would consider it a privilege to design and construct your project and have you as a member of our “Hilltop Family.”