What’s the Process for Constructing a Pool?

backyard pool with concrete deck and lounge chairs

Have you ever wondered what the timeline looks like for building a pool in your yard? Seeing your space transformed throughout the process can be cool to follow along with. If you’re building your backyard pool or interested in learning more, we’re here to cover the main aspects of constructing a pool.

Types of Pools

There are different varieties of pools that can be constructed. Hilltop Pools and Spas are expert contractors that install three types of pools for clients in the Atlanta metro. These include concrete, gunite, and vinyl. Each have their benefits and disadvantages, but we’ll stick to outlining the concrete pool process since that is the most popular pool construction.

Pre-planning and Planning

A lot goes into the pool constructing process even before the ground is touched. There are many tasks that need to be completed before a pool contractor can start digging up dirt in your yard.

Planning for a pool involves narrowing down the location, the design, and obtaining all permits. The first thing you can expect to happen is a site inspection to look over the space you have and determine what is desired and what is feasible. All of these considerations go into designing a formalized proposal for your pool blueprints.

While the design process occurs, paperwork will be prepared to get the appropriate permissions to start building. This may include state safety approvals, city permits, etc.


The pool construction process begins with excavation. You’ll start to see the shape of your pool forming in your backyard. The excavated soil is removed from the site, and you are left with a large hole where your future pool will be.

After the area is dug out, the structure of your pool will be put in place. This usually consists of a steel cage that covers the entirety of the pool and includes any steps, ledges, or swim outs. This is also the point in the process where you will see plumbing and electrical lines being installed.

Pouring the concrete comes next. This is when your pool will start looking more like a pool and involves a mixture of sand, rock, and cement coming together to create the base. The concrete will require care and attention as it dries so the team will take proper measures to ensure the material retains moisture and dries evenly.

The pool’s interior finish is the last part of construction. You would’ve chosen this during the design process. You will see the pool come together with its final layer or tile, pebblecrete, or other material you’ve selected for the finish.

Finishing Touches

Any plumbing and pool equipment gets installed once the pool is completed. Once the necessities are in place, all that is left is to make it your own.

You can implement landscaping design around your pool to make it look however you want from planting trees and flowers, building waterfalls and rock walls, and even creating your deck.

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