When is the best time to build a new pool?

One question anyone who has decided to put in a pool has to answer is when to do it. When is the best time of year to build a pool? While a pool can be built at any time of the year, there are definite advantages to building in each of the seasons. Here is a rundown of what each time of the year means in terms of swimming pool construction in Atlanta.

Cold Weather

One benefit of a fall or winter pool build is availability on your pool builder’s schedule. Another is that a winter build has you ready for pool season next year, meaning you will not have to delay any summertime pool enjoyment. A third benefit is a lot of time to get your pool design in Atlanta completed and the project ready for construction as soon as the weather permits (if the weather is delaying it.)

The disadvantages are hard freezes, which can make groundbreaking and digging a royal pain, materials being exposed to the elements, delays because of weather and a longer curing time. There is also the fact that the timing can be way off; most people want to avoid a major construction project, like a swimming pool installation in Atlanta, during the holidays and by the time they are ready, if it is a cold winter, they could be looking at a months’ long delay.

Warm Weather

There are a lot of benefits to building in spring or summer. One is that all around, the weather is nicer, which means pool construction tends to go much faster. Another is that pool building suppliers are well-stocked, meaning needed materials are easy to find. A third benefit is the fact that many pool contractors offer promotions and discounts.

The downside to building a pool in the Summer is timing. Schedules fill up fast and a pool builder in Atlanta is likely to be straight out busy until the end of the season, so squeezing your end can be a problem. Another downside is that no matter when you build it in summer, a large portion of the swimming season will be lost.

Swimming pool construction in Atlanta can be tricky depending on when you want to build. The best time, but also the hardest to schedule is the summer. Building in winter has its advantages though, especially in regard to schedule and timing. There might be a financial benefit in summer if you can take advantage of promotions offered by pool building contractors.

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