When Is the Best Time to Renovate Your Pool?

If you’re a homeowner with a swimming pool, you already know how much they can add to your quality of life. They’re great for exercise, they beautify your home, and they practically demand backyard parties and family get-togethers. To get the most out of it, however, you might want to make some upgrades. For the pool you really want, you may want to add fountains, a waterfall, or a spa. Of course, once you begin renovations, you can’t use your pool for a while, and weather can always be a challenge. So, what’s the best time of year for building custom pools in Atlanta? Here are a few things to consider.

The Benefits of Cool Weather

When it gets hot in the summer in Atlanta, homeowners start to fantasize about how much better life would be if they had a backyard swimming pool. It should come as no surprise, then, that summertime is when pool companies in Atlanta are at their busiest. When the days are at their longest and hottest, pool companies are in most demand, and therefore, their prices are higher. But, during the cooler season, there may be less work for contractors, so they’re more likely to offer deals to customers. So, you can benefit yourself if you can wait until the weather cools off to take advantage of the bargains.

Quicker Jobs as the Work Slows Down

Saving money isn’t the only benefit that comes with cooler weather. When the amount of jobs coming in for pool companies starts to decrease, that gives them more freedom to finish the jobs they do have. During the busy season, there’s a greater possibility that there might be delays in getting the materials and manpower they need to finish a job. With more of their resources readily available in the offseason, your pool renovation is less likely to be met with delays so it can be completed faster.

Be Ready in Time for Spring

While you can choose to have your pool renovation scheduled during spring, that’s just the time the weather — and the pool renovation business — starts to heat up. That’s why the best time to plan on work for your pool is usually the fall. By taking advantage of cooler fall weather, your pool installation company can perform the work in a timely and cost-effective manner and have the work done in time so you can jump into your newly renovated pool on the first warm day of spring.

Renovate the Whole Yard

Take advantage of the fact that you’re upgrading your pool by upgrading your entire yard at the same time. By scheduling pool renovations for the fall, you can benefit from the fact that fall is the best time for planting as well. Furthermore, if you’re adding decking or tile to your pool, you’re going to lose some of your old yard design anyway. Planting a new garden in the fall gives the roots time to take hold before blossoming (with the new pool) in the spring.

When all is said and done, fall is the best time to renovate your pool. When you’re ready for your own pool installation in Atlanta, GA, Hilltop Pools and Spas is here to help. Just give us a call at (770) 471-3889.

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