Why Designing the Perfect Pool is Worth the Investment

In the past pool designs weren’t given the priority they are today. Now, when a homeowner and pool builder in Atlanta work together on a swimming pool design, consideration is given both to aesthetics and function. Instead of just breaking ground and installing the pool, now the surrounding landscape is part of the pool design. Together, the two transform an outdoor space into a stunning place to spend free time. When the result is the perfect pool design, the homeowner has made an investment that pays off not only today, but in the future. Read on for reasons why the perfect pool design is worth the time and financial investment.

It’s About Function

The first thing you must decide is what you want out of the experience of having a swimming pool. Are you hoping to create a place where your family can have fun together? Will you use it to entertain friends? Maybe you just want a place to swim laps. The reason it’s important to know how you plan to use the pool is to help you determine the pool’s size. Size is important. If you build a pool that’s too small, you limit the number of people who can swim at the same time. This could mean much smaller parties, so if your heart is set on lot of entertaining, keep that in mind. Planning for function saves you from investing in the wrong size pool.

Pool Shape

You probably already have your favorite pool shape in mind but take some time to consider how the form fits with your home. Look at the design of your home. Some pool shapes work better with modern home designs and some look nicer with traditional architecture. With the trend toward bringing the indoor space and outdoor area together, you might also think about the inside décor of your home as well. If your interior design is minimalist or contemporary with a lot of straight clean lines, a free form pool with a tropical garden design might not be the perfect design. The company you choose for pool installation in Atlanta, GA, can help you determine the best size and shape for your yard. Paying attention to how shape and form fit into your existing space ensures your pool is not only functional, but looks beautiful.

Design for Safety

Even though all pool builders have certain safety regulations they’re required to follow, there are extra safety measures you can take to ensure your pool is a safe oasis for your family and friends. Start by including a gated and fenced in pool area that can be locked when you’re not using the pool. Include an automatic pool cover that allows you cover the pool with the touch of a button. You can also install an alarm system in the pool to alert you if anyone jumps in when it’s not swimming time. Paying attention to safety features is the most important investment you can make in your pool design.

When a homeowner takes function, shape, and safety into consideration during the design process, the perfect pool design is almost a guarantee. Working with a company well-known for pool installation in Atlanta, GA, ensures all three of these things are included in any design discussions. The result is an investment that you’ll enjoy for years to come without worry.

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