Why Fall Is a Great Season to Build Your Pool

Most people associate swimming pools with the summer months and don’t really consider building one until winter is over, when spring weather has officially arrived. However, there are several reasons why it’s a great idea to build that backyard oasis and swimming pool in Buckhead now, instead of waiting for those warmer temperatures.

Mother Nature

Georgia is fortunate to have enjoyable outdoor recreation weather throughout the majority of the year. But those occasional spring and summer rainstorms can wreak havoc with construction schedules, and winter blasts can bring work to a complete halt. The moderate temperatures of a Georgia fall are an excellent time to build a swimming pool or outdoor living area.

Contractor Availability

Most people decide to build a swimming pool soon after the first signs of spring appear, and pool contractors book up quickly. Scheduling construction of your pool in the fall months when contractors are less busy can have major benefits. Some contractors may offer special pricing for construction in off-season months when their schedules are filled with fewer projects. Materials and overhead costs don’t change, but fewer jobs mean less money, and contractors need to keep their employees busy. Call an experienced pool company in Buckhead to schedule a consultation.

Avoiding Price Increases

Price increases occur most frequently at the beginning of the year. Take advantage of lower construction costs by planning a fall start date for your swimming pool project ahead of the increases.

Landscaping Benefits

Spring pool construction must work around rainstorms and other inclement weather situations. Rain creates mud and increases the likelihood of deep ruts and damage to your yard caused by heavy construction equipment. Grass may need to be replanted in some areas. By building the pool in the fall, your yard and your grass has time to recuperate before summer swimming activities begin.

Fall is also a great time to implement a new landscape plan around your pool. Cooler temperatures are plant-friendly, and your new trees, flowers, and shrubs will have four months to grow instead of just one or two months if you had waited until spring to plant them.


By building a pool in the fall, you have a few months to look around for cost-saving deals on added details for your backyard paradise. Lawn furniture prices generally drop in August, September, and October. Take advantage of close-out deals on equipment, pool supplies, and landscaping materials.

Cheaper Enclosures

Fall is also a great time to replace that old backyard fence, or add a new one around your pool area. Shorter turnarounds are more likely in months that are less busy. Once again, you can likely save some money on installation in the off-season.

Tax Deductions

Swimming pools are most often considered capital improvements, so they would not qualify for a tax deduction unless you sell your home. However, if you or a household member has a medical condition that benefits from a swimming pool, the IRS would allow a deduction for maintenance costs, in addition to any construction costs that exceed the amount the pool increases your home’s value. For example, if you spend $25,000 on pool construction, and it increases your home’s value by $20,000, you can only claim a deduction of $5000. The pool must be prescribed by a doctor, and built to remedy or benefit a specific disease or illness, not just provide an overall health benefit.

Contact a reputable pool builder in Buckhead, GA, and start planning your backyard retreat this fall ahead of those warmer spring temperatures—and the crowds.

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