Why Fall Is the Best Season for Pool Installation

Nothing says summer like backyard barbeques, ice cold drinks, and dips in the pool. Having a pool installed in your backyard is the perfect way to step up your summer experience, allowing you to enjoy private swims as well as pool parties galore. In addition to considering the spatial logistics of where to put your pool, you also need to determine when you want to have it installed. Read on to learn about why fall is the ideal time to have your pool installed and how you can benefit from an installation this fall.

You Won’t Miss Out on Summer Fun

Fall is the perfect season to install your pool in order to maximize the fun of your summers. Not only does it give you plenty of time to have everything finished and ready to go by the following summer, it also makes it so you don’t waste the previous summer on construction and installation projects. Instead, you can enjoy your summer with friends and family without worrying about construction messes or project deadlines. You’ll then have the long stretch of fall and winter in which you can complete the installation and all the details that come with it.

Ideal Conditions

While each season has its pros and cons as far as weather and precipitation, fall is truly an excellent time for pool installation due to the ideal conditions. The stable weather makes it easy to plan the various steps of installation and stick to deadlines and planned dates. The dry ground that is most common this time of year is ideal for the digging and heavy machinery used to install a residential pool. The ground reacts better and is less likely to suffer from unwanted damage when the soil is dried out and you don’t have to deal with messy mud. Finally, being able to beat the winter weather is also helpful when you want to avoid delays or damage.

Things Have Time to Be Picture Perfect

Rather than finishing your pool installation just before or during pool season, a fall installation gives you time to have things picture perfect before inviting people over for summer parties. Rather than living with the “just finished the construction project” look, your vegetation and lawn will have time to grow back after the installation. You’ll also have plenty of time to buy the right furniture and other accessories to complete your new summer setup.

Shorter Wait Times and Better Prices

In general, pool companies find themselves the busiest in the summer and spring, so a fall installation allows you to enjoy shorter wait times and even more responsive service and attention to your project. Due to the slower season, installation prices are often better in the fall, allowing you to save money on the project. You also tend to beat annual inflation or cost of goods increases, giving you a better price than if you wait until the next spring or summer. When it comes to getting a pool installed, planning ahead pays off.

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