Why Homeowners Prefer Concrete Pools

There are a few different types of in-ground swimming pool materials, but which one is right for you? Homeowners want their pools to be clean, appealing, and long-lasting. When homeowners order custom pools, which type should they install? After all, it’s a near-permanent decision to make.

It’s a good idea to follow trends, and homeowners tend to prefer concrete pools in Jonesboro. Why is this the most popular material? Nearly every swimming pool company installs gunite pools–a type of spray-on concrete–but why? There are several reasons that homeowners prefer this type of swimming pool, but here are the 7 best benefits.


Concrete pools are far more durable than their counterparts, including vinyl and fiberglass. Concrete hardens quickly during the installation process and stays strong against the elements, including constant water exposure, sunlight, weather, and drastic changes in temperature.


Concrete pools are also user-friendly. A swimming pool’s occupants would have to work hard to damage the walls or floors of a concrete pool. Ordinary use of the pool will not deteriorate or scuff it, nor can you discolor the lining. If deposits form from chlorine, they are easy to scrub off.


Thankfully, these durable and swimmer-friendly benefits last a long time, too. Commercial custom pools and residential pools made with concrete will last a long time without needing structural or cosmetic repairs. This means more years of swimming and lounging with friends or family.


Concrete is a highly flexible material, which means that you can finish pools of virtually any shape, size, depth, or design with high-quality concrete. This allows you the flexibility to customize your swimming pool without limits.

Adds Value

The increasing popularity of concrete swimming pools makes these pools more in-demand than pools made of other lining materials. Higher demand means a willingness to pay more. This means that, should you sell your property, you can see a greater return on investment.

Also, concrete is cheap and easy to install. It is simply mixed and then sprayed onto the frame of a swimming pool. Then, the construction team just allows it to dry. Less installation time means fewer money spent paying for labor. You can save money from day one!

Better yet, all of these benefits come at a low price, especially in the southern states, where gunite is extremely fast and easy to make. If you want an affordable pool and high-quality pool all at once, be sure find an experienced pool contractor who installs concrete pools in Jonesboro.

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