Why It’s Important to Maintain Water Quality in Commercial Pools?

If you have a commercial swimming pool, you must stay on top of water quality. A commercial swimming pool isn’t the same as a residential swimming pool. Not only do these swimming pools have more users, but there are strict city regulations that affect commercial pools in Atlanta. In this post, you will see how water quality affects the status of your commercial pool.

Types of Water Issues

There are a variety of water issues that affect water quality in pools used by numerous people, day in and day out. These problems include:

    • Waterborne diseases
    • High total dissolved solids levels
    • High calcium hardness levels
    • High cyanuric acid levels

How do you know if these levels are elevated in your pool? Contact pool companies in Atlanta for water testing. Failure to test for these issues can put your company at risk of a lawsuit should someone become ill because of water quality.

What happens if the water tests positive for any of the above mentioned issues? In this case, you must shut the pool down immediately. Allowing the pool to be continued to be used will likely result in fines and other adverse action should governing bodies find out.

How to Fix Water Quality Issues

There are a few ways to fix water quality issues. One way is to drain the pool, clean the liner or concrete, and refill with clean water. However, this is not the preferred way for most pool owners. The reason being that it’s time consuming.

Your other option is to install a Reverse Osmosis (RO) Filtration System. Are you in the middle of swimming pool construction in Atlanta? If so, ask your builder about this system. Including this system with your pool provides the following benefits:

    • Assures that water quality is always at its best
    • Keeps water quality within acceptable city and state requirements
    • Gets rid of waterborne illnesses
    • Conserves up to 85% of pool water (for existing pools dealing with water quality issues)
    • Amazing water purification
    • No downtime because swimmers can continue swimming while the water is being treated and purified
    • Reduces the chances of calcium buildup when done regularly

Commercial Pool Owners Beware

Never take for granted the water quality of your commercial pool. Doing so puts swimmers in jeopardy and increases your liability. If you own a hotel, an apartment complex, fitness center, recreational facility or another type of commercial pool, speak with pool builders in Atlanta for tips on how to improve water quality. Builders understand the importance of staying on top of water quality issues in commercial pools in Atlanta. These professionals are happy to give you tips for keeping your pool water healthy. The bottom line: stay on top of water issues and provide your swimmers with a refreshing experience that doesn’t put their health at risk.

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