Why You Should Add Attractive Water Features to Your Pool

If you’re in the planning process for a new in-ground pool or thinking about adding features to an existing pool area, water features are one of the most popular custom swimming pool features today. Pool owners in Alpharetta can choose from a variety of water features, including waterfalls, slides, grottos, and spas. Continue reading and discover why you should add one or more of these beautiful water features to your pool. It’s not only about looks.

Waterfalls and Noise

The sound of water is one of the best things for relaxation. If you’ve ever sat near a river or creek, or the shore of the ocean, you know how captivating the sound of water can be. If you add a waterfall to your backyard pool, you’ll enjoy a fresh dose of relaxation. Waterfalls come in so many different configurations that you can’t go wrong. Whether you prefer the sound of raindrops, a babbling brook, or the rush of a vertical curtain of water, there’s a style perfect for your swimming area. Let your pool builders in Alpharetta help you choose the right waterfall design. An added bonus to the sound of a gurgling water feature? It blocks out the noise coming from the street or your loud neighbors.

The Filtrating Fountain

Add a pool fountain and improve the circulation in your pool. If you’re not swimming every day, your pool water may not get enough circulation, which can result in debris build-up. A fountain gets the water moving. Moving water gets debris to the filter, which helps keep the pool clean. A fountain can also help keep your pool chemicals circulating. Fountains help aerate the pool water making pH control easier. They look great and help with filtration, but fountains also help cool you down by lowering the pool water temperature during the extra hot days in the summer.

Keep Algae Under Control

Moving water is not attractive to algae. Algae is the bane of all pool owners. It loves to grow at the waterline, especially if you’re not in the pool every day. Whether you choose a fountain or waterfall, either will keep water moving in your pool. Add one of these water features, and you’ll never need to worry about finding algae growing in your beautiful swimming pool. Check with your custom pool builder in Alpharetta to find out the best way to incorporate a water feature, so you discourage algae growth.

Create a Relaxing Focal Point with a Spa

The pool is lovely to look at and fun to jump in for a swim, but a spa adds that “pop” to your pool area. Who doesn’t enjoy sliding into the warm bubbling water of a hot tub? A spa creates an inviting focal point for your swimming pool. When you attach the spa to your inground pool, the two work together to complete your entire backyard. You combine relaxation and fun in the same spot. A spa is the perfect water feature to give you a place to unwind after a long day.

Don’t settle for an ordinary pool. Add one or more of these water features and turn your backyard into a beautiful, relaxing, and fun oasis. Contact Hilltop Pools and Spas, Inc. today for help choosing the best water feature for your pool.

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