Why You Should Start Pool Construction Now for the Summer

When the weather is cooler, most people aren’t thinking about taking a dip in their backyard pool. However, if you’re thinking of installing a custom pool in Marietta, it’s actually a good idea to get a jump on the pool design and construction process. Not only does the construction take weeks or months, but the permitting process can be lengthy as well. That’s why any time is the perfect time to contact swimming pool builders in Marietta, GA, to start the design and construction process.


The first step in pool construction is the design phase. This can take a couple weeks depending on the need for site analysis and how many custom features the pool will have. Thanks to computer modeling programs, the design process is quicker and easier, so you can easily see a model of how the pool will look in much less time.


Permitting time can vary depending on municipalities, but working with an experienced pool company that has worked with permitting a lot will definitely speed up the process. Fortunately, if you begin the design process early enough, permitting time shouldn’t be a hindrance to getting the pool ready for the summer season.


Excavation is one of the quickest parts of the pool building process. It can usually be done in a week as long as there aren’t utility lines or other accessibility problems for the excavation equipment.

Electrical and Plumbing

The unseen details of a pool like the steel, plumbing, and electrical are an important part of the process and can take a few weeks to complete. But this is a very important part to ensure that your swimming pool will be a long-term component of your home. Fortunately, even more complex pools with custom lighting and water features can often have the groundwork laid in 2 weeks or less.

Pool Installation

There are many options for actual pool surfaces, including liners made of vinyl, steel, cement, or polymer. Liners are usually installed in about a week because they simply have to be shipped to the home and installed in the prepared area. Fiberglass pools can also be installed quickly. Gunite swimming pools take a bit longer because the labor is more intensive and requires more finish work than a liner pool and there must also be time allowed for curing. Curing alone can take a week. But if this is the type of pool you prefer, you’ll know that a bit longer wait is definitely worth it.

Custom Features

The final custom features of your pool, which often includes landscaping or decking, can take anywhere from 1 to 4 weeks, depending on the complexity of your design. This time also includes any waterfalls, custom lighting, or other features that you’ve included. So depending on the type of pool you want the entire process can take from 6 weeks to 2-3 months. Fortunately, knowing what to expect in the design and build process can help you get started early enough to enjoy your pool during the hot Georgia summer.

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