Your Pool Maintenance Checklist

If you’re expecting party guests to cannonball into your swimming pool this summer, you’d better make sure that the water is crystal clear. Regular pool maintenance is an essential part of your summer enjoyment. While it may not seem fun to test the chemicals of your pool’s water, without it you’ll find that having fun in your pool is impossible. To ensure that your pool area is ready for all of your backyard barbecues, here’s a quick rundown of the maintenance swimming pools in Marietta need.

·         Balance your pool’s water. Two to three times a week, it’s important to check out the balance of the water in your pool. A balanced pool has the right alkalinity level, including calcium. Without balanced water, you run the risk of corroding your equipment and having buildup form on the floor of your pool. Most importantly, a balanced pool prevents the skin and eye irritation that your favorite swimmers can experience.

·         Add the correct amount of chlorine. Along with testing your pool’s pH level, it’s important to chlorinate your pool properly. The chlorine levels in your pool should always fall between 1 and 3 ppm. This prevents the growth of bacteria and algae. It doesn’t matter if you use tablets, liquid chlorine, or granules—it’s important to test and add the necessary chemicals to keep your pool clean.

·         Shock your pool. Each week, it’s important to shock your pool. This doesn’t mean running an electric current through your water. Instead, you’re going to shock it using certain chemicals. Shocking your water removes contaminants that can cloud your water, mitigates the odor of chlorine, and is necessary to the all-around health of your pool. In some cases, it can even help to get rid of algae that may be growing.

·         Use an algaecide. While shocking your pool can help to reduce the growth of algae, it’s often necessary to take additional steps. If left untreated, algae can clog your filters and reduce the effectiveness of your pool chemicals. An algaecide will take care of any lingering algae and can help prevent the outbreak of new growths, keeping your pool sparkling clean.

·         Skim the surface. Each day, use a skimmer to remove any debris that may be floating on the surface of your pool. If you use your pool regularly, clean out the skimmer baskets each day as well. When debris is regularly removed from the water of your pool, it makes it easier for your pump and filter to do their job.

While pools in Marietta do require maintenance, don’t be intimidated by this list. The more you do it, the fast your process will become, allowing you to get back to making memories in your pool.

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